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10 New technologies for developers in 2016

10 New technologies for developers in 2016

As a developer, you will be familiar with the constant cat and mouse game of adopting new technologies and tools, and adapting to rapid advancements in programming languages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re developing for desktop users in the North East, web interfaces, or even mobile apps, staying on top of the latest technologies and tools is critical.

From C# Development tools, to emerging image formats, let’s take a look at 10 of the best technologies and tools for developers in 2016.


This is not a new tool by any means, and if you’re a developer, you’ve probably already used or at least had some exposure to the world’s largest CMS. WordPress is still a relevant technology, and it could even be considered ‘new’ as it is constantly in development. As a creation platform, it can be highly rewarding for PHP and JavaScript trained professionals. It can host web applications, basic blogs, and sites of all sizes and purposes.

Cross Platform Desktop Apps with Electron

Electron is the new name for an open source cross platform development tool that was built from Atom Shell. Apps can be created using languages that you’re already familiar with, like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Apps can be compiled relatively easily for Windows, Linux and MacOS. If you need a robust solution for your desktop apps, this is worth checking out.

Unity 3D

Unity has been around for a decade, and has seen great success as a cross platform development tool. The engine is regularly updated and added to (5.3.3 was released earlier this year), and If you are experienced in C, C++, or C# development, your skills will be easily transferrable to this engine. You can develop games for any major platform, including Sony and Microsoft game consoles, iOS, Windows, the web, and Android.


Another new cross platform development tool, Sencha is perfect for you if you want to develop in HTML5. This will allow you to create cross platform browser and mobile device apps, with unified experiences across all platforms.

Better Portable Graphics

Regardless of whether you’re a C# development professional in the North East, a versatile front end developer, or anything beyond or in between, there’s always a need for efficient image formats for your projects. There are many developers that want to see the end of JPEG, and BPG (Better Portable Graphics), is a promising replacement. BPG support needs to be implemented on sites with custom JavaScript, as at this time there is no native support from any of the main browsers.

Octopus Deploy for Simple Deployment

.NET developers looking for better ways to deploy apps will benefit from Octopus Deploy, which allows for reliable automation of applications and services. The latest update is less than six months old, and can be a huge benefit to developers working within SMEs that require regular rollouts.

Visual Studio Tools for Unity

Having already mentioned that Unity is a great engine for C# Developers, it is worth knowing that there are Visual Studio Tools for Unity, allowing some integration between VS and the popular 3D engine.


C# developers in the North East may be familiar with Xamarin, a cross platform tool that allows C# code to be compiled into native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Microsoft recently acquired the company, and has announced new integration for Visual Studio, Azure, and other key Microsoft platforms.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is not a brand new technology concept, but in 2016, developers will need to rethink how they approach responsive sites and apps. Screens are no longer limited to desktop and mobile, and everything from interactive vehicle displays, to smartwatches will need to be considered when creating unified experiences.

Virtual Reality

VR Headsets represent a unique opportunity for developers who want to leverage C# development and other programming skills to create new experiences and added value for consumers. The arrival of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are indicators that VR may soon become a mainstream technology. Other technology giants like Microsoft and Sony have their own VR devices in development.

Do you have your own favorite updated and emerging technologies for 2016?

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