June 2016 - Ronald James
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  • It Is Exciting Time To Be A .Net Developer And Here’s Why27th June 2016, Dan Blackwell

    There are changes in the air for .NET developers. In a recent survey, 69% of those who were asked if […]

    Building an API – By Andrew Willis20th June 2016, James Blackwell

    Building an API Everybody and his dog wants an API these days (Seriously, there’s even a pet-tracker app) so when […]

    Recruiting Great People Who Fit Your Company’s Culture20th June 2016, James Blackwell

    You’ve invested your time and energy in creating a great company: one you love, with the atmosphere and ethos just […]

    The Stigma for Job Hopping Has Evolved18th June 2016, James Blackwell

    There was a time when being coined a job hopper was a negative thing. Employers used to look at this […]

    3 Things Small Companies Should Showcase to Attract Great Developers15th June 2016, James Blackwell

    Technology continues to be the go to choice for recruiters in the North East, and that isn’t going to change […]

    If you’re going to learn JavaScript, learn JavaScript – by David Nimmo10th June 2016, James Blackwell

    There are a lot of blog posts floating around these days that will tell you why you should learn JavaScript, […]

    Why Developers are like Formula 1 Drivers?8th June 2016, James Blackwell

    Your developers are like your Formula One drivers. They are the superheroes of your company; designing and developing, hopefully, world-class […]

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