October 2016 - Ronald James
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  • Collaborate And Be Part Of A £5.7 Billion Economic Boom, Right Here In the North East!26th October 2016, James Blackwell

    A new report has claimed that improving collaboration between local tech companies and the public sector could help to create […]

    I was Wrong to Dismiss Elm, and I Think you Probably are Too – by David Nimmo24th October 2016, James Blackwell

    “*Sigh*…another language that compiles to JavaScript. Pass” That’s how quickly I initially dismissed Elm when I first heard about it […]

    Do You Work In A Digital Powerhouse?19th October 2016, James Blackwell

    Unless you spent the entirety of the last general election campaign living in a Faraday cage on Mars, you will […]

    DevOps: A Winning Strategy Or A Change Too Far?17th October 2016, Dan Blackwell

    For many businesses who have embraced it, the cultural shift that has become known as ‘DevOps’ has allowed them to […]

    Staff Retention: Painful Truths About Hanging On To Your Best Developers12th October 2016, James Blackwell

    Staff retention would be less of an issue for the North East technology sector if the only things that mattered […]

    Go, Go, Go! Let’s Go Programming10th October 2016, Dan Blackwell

    Many in the programming and development world have noticed that Go has been gaining momentum in recent times.It is now […]

    Top 10 Programming Languages of 20163rd October 2016, Dan Blackwell

    Skills are the golden egg of the job hunting world, and for developers that mean programming languages. Which languages you […]

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