3 Things Small Companies Should Showcase to Attract Great Developers

3 Things Small Companies Should Showcase to Attract Great Developers

3 Things Small Companies Should Showcase to Attract Great Developers

Technology continues to be the go to choice for recruiters in the North East, and that isn’t going to change in the future. But when a business needs to hire a developer, they might be at a disadvantage. That is because recruiters from other places are also using the same resources you are and there are some things you need to do, if you want to pick up top tier talent.

Let the Developers Know They Get to Shop Code

If you are facing major competition, then give your developers something a major corporation can’t. Give them the chance to shop their own code. This is something that doesn’t often happen in big companies without a ton of hoops to jump through and you’ll find that you end up benefiting more from it.

Introduce Your Team

Did you know that a simple lunch meeting might be enough to get that new developer to join your company? The truth is that in the North East, developers enjoy having the chance to meet the people they are working with.

A simple lunch meeting allows everyone to meet each other on a casual level. This is a chance to determine if the new candidate is a good match for the company and will give you a chance to weed out people who might be problems from the start. Since you won’t know this person in advance, make sure you give them some options so they can eat somewhere that is friendly for their diet, without having to make excuses along the way.

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Be Willing to Be Flexible and Understand Job Descriptions Aren’t Set In Stone

Don’t force people to fit into a job description if you want to succeed. The truth is that there are some exceptional candidates in the North East, who might not fit your position precisely. It is important to take the time to search through people and find out what they have that they can bring to the table. When they are a fit for your company, you’ll want to take the initiative to make your offer as enticing as possible. That way, you don’t have any surprises when it comes down to hiring them. The more flexible and open you are as a company, the better your chances are of bringing in a top developer.

Remember, if you want to attract the top candidates for your business, then you need go beyond the norm in your interviews. The more you are willing to do for a candidate and work to be a match for them, the more likely it becomes that you will end up with a candidate that will want to hold a position in your company, and will stick by you for years to come.

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