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4 Easy Ways to Improve your Online Presence

4 Easy Ways to Improve your Online Presence

Online presence is a vital aspect of any business, one which is only growing stronger. There are so many platforms available to help us grow and maintain a prestigious presence, but how effectively are businesses using them? This post outlines four easy but effective ways to improve your online presence.

Social Media
Perhaps the most obvious, but most effective method of boosting your online presence, is through the exploitation of social media. In today’s growing digital age it is impossible to escape the wrath of social networking sites, as it has become second nature to check these platforms alongside your daily news read. However, too many businesses claim the status of an online presence by having ownership of a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn page – but how appropriately are these platforms being used? Too often we come across social media pages that insist on featuring mundane, un-engaging posts, or have been inactive for months at a time. It is now more crucial than ever for businesses to learn the art of social media, and develop their online networking skills. This doesn’t involve becoming a social media guru but focuses on carefully creating posts that are fun and engaging whilst also topical and informative. Improving the readability of social media content will encourage more visitors to your site and could potentially attract as many clients as a paid magazine advert.

Integrate your online and offline communications
Despite the fantastic evolution of digitalisation, we cannot dispute the place offline communication still holds in today’s society. Businesses are now recognizing the importance of cross-platform engagement – whereby the customer interacts with the brand both offline and online. From this, it is now vital to ensure messages conveyed offline are coherent with those displayed online. This not only reinforces the brand but communicates to the customer on two interaction levels. It is here where businesses can boost their online presence by encouraging those communicating offline, to progress to exploring online.

Start a Blog
“Blogging” is a trend that has been sneaking into our social media repertoire for quite some time now- yet it is one only a small number of businesses have latched onto. Blogs are a diverse and innovative way of communicating to the reader in an engaging but informative manner. When visiting a blog, the reader anticipates substantial posts with in-depth, informative content; this provides businesses with a creative platform, on which they can display a substantial amount of data, without losing the readers attention. Setting up and maintaining a blog does require time and consideration, but it is a fantastic and creative way of relaying information to the reader and keeping clients and customers involved with the current business activity.

Monitor your Website
Businesses can pride themselves on their dynamic and interesting website designs- but too many forget about their primary, essential feature that is to inform and engage with the customer. To improve your online presence it is vital that your website is easy to navigate whilst also representing the brand’s true identity. Do we ever consider how often the user is going to be inundated with pop-ups and ads? Or if links actually take them to the correct landing page? As the focus is directed to the aesthetics of the site, it is the practical elements that can be somewhat sacrificed. The more frequently the site is checked the easier it becomes to identify tech hitches that hinder the customer experience. Improving the usability of the site will increase the length of active user sessions, reduce confusion amongst consumers and in turn boost the brand’s online presence.

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