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4 Things You Can Do In Your Business To Embrace Christmas Blog

4 Things You Can Do In Your Business To Embrace Christmas Blog

Christmas celebrations are infectious, and in the business sector, there is no exception. As a business owner, December is the perfect time to build team morale, express gratitude to your clients and strengthen ties. By embracing the festive season you’re not only increasing motivation, but improving productivity too. Here are my four key tips on how you can celebrate Christmas within your business.

1. Take Part In Christmas Jumper Day

ITV have teamed together with Save the Children to bring us another annual ‘Christmas Jumper Day’. All your staff have to do take part is put on their favourite Christmas Jumper and donate whatever they can to the cause – either via Text Santa or for a different charity of your choice. Not only is this a bit of festive fun within the office, but it’s all for a good cause too!

2. Say ‘Thanks’ To Your Clients

If you’ve been lucky enough to work with some great clients this year then why not leverage the holidays to say thank you. Expressing your gratitude during the festive season will not only allow you show them your appreciation, but it will keep you top of mind. Every year in my business, to say thank you to our clients we send personalized hampers. I always think ‘what makes this client different’, and select gifts that I think suit their personality and hobbies.

3. Say ‘Thanks’ To Your Team

Research shows that 78% of people would work harder if they felt they were being recognised and appreciated for their work more. Although appreciation should be expressed throughout the year, there’s no better time to say thank you than at Christmas. Gratitude can come in all shapes and sizes, from individual gifts, an office party or even a great coffee machine for the staffroom. If you haven’t got a budget large enough to distribute between your team, something as simple as a handwritten card from the boss can go a long way with employees- especially if it has been personalised with a specific task or a particular trait you have noticed.

4. Decorate The Office

You’d be surprised how much of a difference Christmas decorations around the office can make to team morale and the overall atmosphere. You may have reservations about staff losing focus from the task at hand, however, from my experience I found that encouraging and allowing an element of enthusiasm helped control and motivate the team.

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