Are You A Developer? Would You Like To Increase Your Salary By £5,000?

Are You A Developer? Would You Like To Increase Your Salary By £5,000?

Are You A Developer? Would You Like To Increase Your Salary By £5,000?

Probably a ridiculous question, we know. After all, who wouldn’t like to earn a little more? What if we told you that it was possible to top-up your pay by as much as £5,000 without even increasing your workload?

Check out our handy 10 point checklist and see what you can do to add to your take home pay as a developer next month:

1. First of all, when was the last time you had a pay increase? If it was a few years ago, then you may be able to go to your employer and simply make a case that it’s time you’re due a little something extra.

2. Compare your salary to other, similar, local positions. You can do this easily by looking through advertisements for open positions at your own or competitor employers. If you feel you’re getting a raw deal, ask your boss (politely!) for a raise.

3. Is there additional training you can do, or qualifications you can gain that will increase your value to employers? If so, is there funding available to pay for it? Most employers will at least help to pay for further training and qualifications if you can demonstrate that they are relevant. And they’ll help you negotiate that pay rise when you’ve got them.

4. Consider whether you’re being paid for all the work you actually do. Are you the first aider for your office, for example? Or do you take on additional responsibilities for which your employer may be willing to offer you a small bonus in your pay packet?

Increase Your Salary

5. Are you claiming all the expenses you’re entitled to? They soon add up and, to coin a phrase, every little really does help.

A few other quick ways in which you can boost your disposable income:

6. How do you travel to and from work? If you drive, can you save by switching to public transport?

7. Or, if you already commute by public transport, consider whether you’re getting the best deal. Check out long-term rail and bus season tickets which can save you thousands every year.

8. Cycle to Work schemes offer tax-efficient salary deductions through your payroll to pay for a bike if you cycle to work. Not only can you make huge savings on your travel costs but you’ll save on your gym subscription too.

9. Do you claim tax credits? If not, check with HMRC to see if you’re entitled to do so, especially if you have children. These credits can be worth thousands.

10. Also worth exploring if you have young children are childcare vouchers, available to buy through tax-efficient salary sacrifice schemes. These raise your take-home pay by reducing your tax bill.

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