Are You Working On The Best Technologies? Ronald James

Are You Working On The Best Technologies?

Are You Working On The Best Technologies?

Do you have children? If you do, are they interested in fashion? Because if they are, then you’ll understand what we’re about to say. It’s this: best does not equal newest. Not, for that matter, does best equal most expensive, longest-lasting or even most popular.

Developers here in the North-East, just like anywhere else in the world, are often rather like fashion-conscious teenagers: obsessed with the next big thing. If it’s not Angular, then it must be React because that will be the next big deal. No, someone cries, it’s “whatever new framework,” that’s the shiny new paradigm.

Best Technologies

New technologies can be excellent, and there will be many that come along in the next 12 months that will do a great deal of good for the way that we work. But the point is this. Just because they are new does not make them ‘best’, or even just ‘better’.

We’re not suggesting for a moment that you should stick with the old. Outdated systems aren’t a good thing as we all know. Many companies right here in our North-East will tell you horror stories of systems based on old technologies falling over at the wrong moment, or becoming open to a newly discovered vulnerability and difficult to patch or secure.

So if not old, and not new then what? You may be forgiven for asking. Simple: best of course.

For ‘best’ you need to make the choice of technologies a strategic decision. Choose them not for their status as traditional favourites, nor because you consider them the new hope for the future. ‘Best’ means not succumbing to the lowest cost; or abject belief in the most expensive; or the option with the shiniest interface; or any other intangible, subjective measure.

Choosing the best technologies to work with for any North-East technology business is about making careful, considered, informed decisions about the direction you and your company are going to take. For whatever options you choose; you will be investing in time, in training, in equipment, in developer staff; indeed in all of the things that you will need to make your choices work. You need to make the right decision.

Choosing the best technologies means considering what is best for your business, your outputs, your products and what you aspire to be doing in the months and years ahead. New technologies in the here and now can be incredible; they can have much to offer, they can bring new ideas and innovations to the table. New technologies can invigorate and energise our thoughts and our concepts.

But when choosing the technologies that you work with as a business, you should always choose the best, not merely the newest.

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