Clean-up SVG Markup – Adam McKenna22nd February 2017, Dan Blackwell

Despite the introduction of the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format almost 20 years ago, the popularity and understanding of working […]

Why Building Units for Test Using Fluent Syntax is Worth the Time? – Mike Wardle10th February 2017, Dan Blackwell

Recently I found myself working on a system that was written entirely in a TDD manner. Code coverage was amazing, […]

How Can We Help The Region Grow?11th January 2017, James Blackwell

Nobody likes to see their team lose, so businesses in the North East should be working together to help the […]

Into The World of Clojure – Joe Norman10th January 2017, Dan Blackwell

The majority of my time as a professional software developer is spent programming in JavaScript (more specifically, Node.js) and C# […]

Four Important Factors To Consider When Growing Your Digital Business In The North East4th January 2017, James Blackwell

There could not be a better time than now to develop your digital company. Business owners in the North East […]

3 Things Business Owners in the Digital and Tech Sector Should Embrace21st December 2016, James Blackwell

With the digital and tech sector booming and things only set to get better over the next three years, business […]

Digital Companies Could Become More Reliant On Trainees In Their Local Area14th December 2016, James Blackwell

We look at the current hiring trends among digital and technological companies and consider if these will change, as the […]

Bayesian Theorem and its connection to Sentiment Analysis12th December 2016, James Blackwell

In my last post, I introduced sentiment analysis, the Naïve Bayes classification technique and why you or your business might be interested in this. In […]

Why Do So Many SMEs Find It Difficult To Retain Junior Level Developers?7th December 2016, James Blackwell

Small and medium enterprises in the digital tech sector recruit junior talent using a range of sources and initiatives, but […]

A Brief Introduction of Xamarin By Phil Smith5th December 2016, James Blackwell

With the modern age of computing allowing consumers access to information, products and services on their mobile phones and tablets, […]

How Can We Increase The Talent Pool In The North East?2nd December 2016, James Blackwell

With the Tech sector booming, we are in the middle a digital revolution. With even more growth expected over the […]

Boom in Digital & Tech Sector Indicates Healthy Growth Over the Next Few Years30th November 2016, James Blackwell

With businesses across all sectors relying heavily on the digital and technology industries for the running of day to day […]

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