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Language is Still Hindering Testing and The Hiring of Testers29th November 2017, James Blackwell

It’s been a month now since I attended Test Bash Manchester. I heard two very powerful talks at that conference […]

How VueJs helped me fall in love with front-end development again – By Daniel Abbott27th November 2017, Dan Blackwell

With all the bundlers, builders, task runners and transpilers, you’ll be forgiven for longing for the good old days of […]

Spring Framework coding hacks – by Mauricio Ferreira15th November 2017, Dan Blackwell

I consider myself an enthusiast of the Spring Framework. I’ve been following and working with this platform since 2009. Just […]

10 easy tips to help you land your first Web Developer role14th November 2017, James Blackwell

Landing your first web developer role is difficult. As a junior developer it’s vital to get your foot in the […]

My top 3 tools in Node.js – By Joe Norman26th October 2017, Dan Blackwell

Working in a particular programming language for an extended period of time enables you to discover and utilise some pretty […]

Looking for Your Dream Job7th August 2017, James Blackwell

If you’re seeking that next professional challenge, there are a few things you need to consider before you can even […]

Four Essential Things You Need to Know in Hiring Developer31st July 2017, James Blackwell

Recruiting developers is quite daunting, especially knowing that they are in such high demand. What can you offer them that […]

“From 0 to 1” Part 1 – By Graham Hickson26th July 2017, James Blackwell

I started moving into development as a kid, I was introduced to music very early through mixing music on turntables, […]

How Much Does a Developer Get Paid?24th July 2017, James Blackwell

If you and your team are about to hire a developer for your company’s tech needs, you will have already […]

How to Identify and Interview the Best Web Developers10th July 2017, James Blackwell

Web developers play a pivotal role in any organisation, so finding the best developer for your team and project is […]

The Sanctity of Testing and why we need it as developers – by Kevin Bolam7th July 2017, James Blackwell

Recently I have realised something disturbing. On projects, time for testing is seemingly the first to be compromised should development […]

What Makes a Senior Developer ‘senior’?3rd July 2017, James Blackwell

Digital positions have a place in every type of business and, as you know, their role is very important. Most […]

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