“From 0 to 1” Part 1 – By Graham Hickson26th July 2017, James Blackwell

I started moving into development as a kid, I was introduced to music very early through mixing music on turntables, […]

How Much Does a Developer Get Paid?24th July 2017, James Blackwell

If you and your team are about to hire a developer for your company’s tech needs, you will have already […]

3 Tips on Getting Passive Candidates17th July 2017, James Blackwell

If you have an opening at your company and want to attract the best talent to fill the role, how […]

Top 10 New Technologies for Developers in 201711th July 2017, James Blackwell

As a digital professional, you are probably familiar with a range of technologies and tools which make your daily tasks […]

How to Identify and Interview the Best Web Developers10th July 2017, James Blackwell

Web developers play a pivotal role in any organisation, so finding the best developer for your team and project is […]

What Makes a Senior Developer ‘senior’?3rd July 2017, James Blackwell

Digital positions have a place in every type of business and, as you know, their role is very important. Most […]

Top 5 things North East Developers are looking for in a new job26th June 2017, James Blackwell

With the digital sector and its jobs being as lucrative as they are in the North East, developers often need […]

Want to Move Forward in your IT Career?26th June 2017, Dan Blackwell

If you’re new to the field of IT and are thinking ahead to what is next in your career, there […]

What to Consider when Recruiting .NET Developer19th June 2017, James Blackwell

Recruiting for digital roles can be quite tricky. Not only do you need to consider if the candidate is the […]

The Usual Errors Made by Developers12th June 2017, Dan Blackwell

There is not much room for mistakes in the software development sector, and any major setbacks will usually result in […]

Finding the Right Graphic Designer5th June 2017, James Blackwell

With technology now a way of life, there is an increased need for graphic designers in the business. In this […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a C# Developer22nd May 2017, James Blackwell

Despite its similarities with Java, C# is perhaps now the most popular programming language in the tech industry. For around […]

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