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The Challenges of Digital Professional Recruitment in a Digital Era

The Challenges of Digital Professional Recruitment in a Digital Era

Getting your HR philosophy right can make the difference between a happy, creative and self-regulating digital workplace and an uninspiring and inefficient one. Below, we look at some of the ways in which the role of modern HR managers has evolved with time and technology, and how HR teams can successfully work towards developing an appealing environment for current and future tech employees.

Digital recruitment in a digital era

Digital professional recruitment is something of a tricky business nowadays and many HR managers don’t seem prepared to address the challenges which stem from modern-day tech industry expectations. For example, with 1 in 2 IT professionals having LinkedIn profiles and actively using these to showcase their skills and expertise, recruiting companies would be remiss if they didn’t use this tool to search for relevant digital talent. However, some don’t and are at risk of losing out on the perfect talent to enter their team.

Likewise, tech candidates know that they can find almost anything out about a company by using the online professional network site: employees, their job titles, managers, how long they’ve worked at the company, and so on. Not only can prospective employees get to know your team better, they can also consult sites such as Glassdoor to check up on the company’s reputation according to the past and existing employees. As such, if you promise certain perks and don’t deliver, your would-be employee is sure to discover this in advance. The message? Make sure that your employees only have good things to say about the way your business is managed.


The role of the HR manager

The IT landscape changes all the time; technology evolves at the speed of light and recruitment practices are beginning to reflect this. Innovation and collaboration are two elements to be emphasised. According to L’Atelier, the modern day HR manager is no longer expected to simply spot and source talent, they are pivotal in the process of linking employees to one another and encouraging the development of a self-regulating team which can itself innovate ideas and capitalise on the company’s success. That seems to be quite a task, wouldn’t you agree?

With even the best and most dynamic HR team, your company may need help or advice as to how to make the best HR decisions, taking into consideration the above priorities and pressures. IT professionals work in a dynamic field so recruitment should take a number of internal and external factors into consideration when attempting to create the right work environment to cater for equally dynamic individuals. Ronald James leads the charge among recruitment agencies in Newcastle in assisting with niche digital recruitment practices.

Innovative ways to manage HR

Gone are the days when an HR manager who may have been highly experienced in another field could bring success to a digital professional team. The IT sector demands up-to-date HR practices that are tailored to IT professionals and can knock competing companies out of the park. The fact is if companies want to source and retain the best IT talent in the sector, they need to adopt a carefully-planned and innovative approach, not to mention one that is totally industry-specific. As such, IT should be at the forefront of all HR practices.

It is not enough to continue to use traditional methods of recruitment because tech employees want and expect more. Employees need to have a clear idea about priorities, corporate values and expectations before they will even consider jumping ship. The best way to get this information across is by using digital communication methods such as mobile phones, social and professional networks as well as other Internet sources. In addition, the availability of up-to-date software designed with the purpose of facilitating HR processes is just one more way in which teams can proactively manage HR practices.

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