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Where to find and how to hire .NET Developers

Where to find and how to hire .NET Developers

In the late 1990’s Microsoft developed the .NET framework. Since then, it has run on Microsoft Windows, allowing programmers to build applications using code across several languages. A large proportion of platforms is created using this framework,  hence why .NET developers are in high demand. Despite their popularity, outlining the defining features of a .NET candidate is challenging for any business. To make sure you attract the top percentage of these developers, we’ve shared a few tips to help you stand out from the competition.

Find Out How They Spend Their Free Time

.Net Developer

In order to hire a talented .NET developer it is vital that first, you know where to find them. Recent statistics reveal that just below one fifth of developers found their current jobs after being contacted directly by someone at the company. This is great news for those who are apprehensive about reaching out to developer candidates, however, it is still important to know where to locate candidates online.

The first place you should look online, are forums. The top tier of programmers will be passionate about .NET, and should be actively looking to learn and share information about the framework- try checking out forms like Microsoft’s ASP.NETforum and Tek-Tips.com.

When you do touch-down on these forums, the key thing to remember is that you must use the information on there wisely. Not only do these sites provide you with a fundamental insight into the lives of .NET developers, but you can take this as an opportunity to learn more about the framework. By asking questions to the most active programmers, you will achieve a greater understanding of .NET itself, and also showcase to developers that you’re not solely engaging with them to hit a hiring goal.

Understand The Challenges They Face

.NET developers tackle a diverse range of projects on a daily basis. As a business, showing that you recognise and appreciate some of them can be an excellent way of getting a programmer’s attention. Outlined below are just some of the key challenges that .NET developers contend with on a daily basis.

  1. Writing reusable and scalable code.

.NET supports many programming languages, hence why developers often look to create code that can be reused across multiple applications.

  1. Maintaining and optimising applications.

Many developers argue that web applications created in .NET do not require front-end optimisation to make the app more browser-friendly. Whereas, others believe that the bigger challenge and more urgent task is the maintenance of databases. In total opposition, however, some programmers believe that user data shouldn’t be stored in the .NET framework at all.

  1. Refining their mastery of the latest version of Visual Studio

The best .NET developers will have an in-depth knowledge of Visual Studio – the foundation of websites and apps built for Windows.

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