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Finding your Dream job

Finding your Dream job

If you are seeking that all important next bit position, you know that you’ve got a lot riding on the little things that you do. A few considerations that you need to think about are these:

Is Your CV up to date?

Looking for a new job in digital and technology can be daunting. There are developers aplenty in nearly every discipline. In most cases there is so much to do when you are seeking a new position and a fair portion of how you are represented to a company relies on your CV. Typically we don’t update our CV or tidy up our cover letter until we’re looking at moving on to another job. Before you even begin to approach a recruiter for a North East IT job, make sure that your CV is up to date and well written.

How Well Does Your Social Media Profile Reflect Who You Are?

Does it speak about your skills in digital and technology? Does your social media need cleaned up and sorted out. In many cases we post things on social media that may reflect on us in a negative way. Does your social media need to be cleaned up before you begin your job search? With one in every five companies saying they rely on social media to give them a good look at who their candidate is, it may be that you should clean up and delete some social media prior to applying for that job.

Do You need Assistance Finding a Good Job?

Job boards are ok and they can be very helpful in your job search but for nearly every offered role that you’ll find on job boards, there is a recruiter searching their database looking for the right candidate.

Recruiters know their potential candidates and normally have a database full of people whose skills they have already vetted. A recruiter is typically in a very powerful position to get the information they need to help you to gain your perfect job. They will fight to help you to be more than just a CV in a stack of candidates. If you’re seeking a new role and you’re ready to take the search to the next level, give us a call and find out how we can help.

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