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Four Essential Things You Need to Know in Hiring Developer

Four Essential Things You Need to Know in Hiring Developer

Recruiting developers is quite daunting, especially knowing that they are in such high demand. What can you offer them that will really impress them? As you will be competing with a range of other digital companies in the North East to hire the best developer talent, it is almost like you are the ones being put to the test. However, there are ways to market your roles in a way that attracts only the best professionals, as well as methods of identifying the very best candidates.

The Importance of Developers

Developers are the backbone of your digital assets, playing a huge role in how your business services come across to your online audience. At Ronald James, one of the leading Newcastle recruitment agencies for the digital and tech industry, we have in-depth knowledge of digital & tech recruiting practices, and have had great success in shaping the careers of talented developers in the North East and beyond. If you would like any help or advice regarding hiring developers, then do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Preparing your Advertisement

To cut down the time you spend trawling through applications, make your job listing as effective as it can be. This means being specific about your expectations regarding qualifications and experience. To filter those applicants who are disinterested, why not also add a condition to your advert (for example: ‘please quote XXX in your application’). This will ultimately allow you more time to spend on your recruitment process. Also, once you think you’ve found a candidate with potential, you will need to make sure you can move fast, so as not to lose them to your competitors.

The Pre-interview Process


When selecting candidates for interview, look beyond their CV. A CV is only a very brief overview of a person’s experience and capabilities so, if you see promise, look for a broader representation of the individual’s talent by looking at their LinkedIn profile or a blog they have set up. It is places like this where you will get additional context on their position within the industry.

A standardised interview process and an ideal candidate profile will help you to effectively compare individuals at interview stage. It is essential that a member of staff who is familiar with the field you are advertising is present during interviews, whether this is a manager or a peer of the prospective candidate. They will be able to provide valuable feedback about the candidate, whilst also being able to communicate key details about the role during the interview. It may also be worth your while to implement a task for the interviewees to complete, which can give you a better indication of their competency and how they react under pressure.

The Post-interview Process

Whether it’s through a tour and a meet & greet, or through a prepared video, it would benefit you and the prospective employees to have the opportunity to see the business in action and meet the teams and individuals that they could potentially be working with. This will encourage valuable feedback both internally and from the candidates, and it can help to further sell the unique employment opportunity that you’re offering.

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