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Four things you should do to advance your career in the field of IT

Four things you should do to advance your career in the field of IT

You’ve already established your IT career, it’s now time to take the next step. Your career advance will depend on skills, experience, the networking you’ve done through the years and just how committed you are to pursuing opportunities.

The field of IT is a highly competitive one. If you’d like to move forward as an expert in the niche, you may want to consider all of the following.

Acquire New Skills

It’s definitely a good idea to understand what employers want in the field of IT. Digital & technology professionals work in a rapidly evolving world. This is why they should never stop acquiring new skills.

According to an American Intercontinental University study, employers in the field of IT are predominantly looking for the following specialised skills:

  • Java
  • SQL
  • Technical support skills
  • Oracle
  • UNIX
  • System and network configuration
  • Software installation
  • Collaboration

If you don’t have some of the mentioned skills, consider taking a course and obtaining a license. Don’t underestimate the importance of soft skills, as well. Some of the essentials in the field include communication and organisation skills, research, customer service skills and project management.

Pick the Right IT Recruitment Team

What does it take to get access to premium jobs in the world of IT? Cooperating with experienced recruitment professionals that specialise in the field will give you access to the most relevant professional advancement opportunities.

Companies like Ronald James, for example, are dedicated to creating the best match between employees and potential employers. If you’re interested in giving Ronald James a try, you may want to schedule a 10-minute candidate ignition call to learn more about the possibilities.

Connect with a Mentor

Reaching out to an experienced IT professional that you admire can give you the tools and the inspiration to advance your career.

Getting in touch with a mentor is a lot easier today than it has ever been. You have LinkedIn and other social media that make it incredibly easy to identify authorities within the field and to reach out.

Set Realistic Goals

Take some time to do a bit of self-reflection. What have you accomplished so far? What stands in the way of career advancement? What steps would you have to undertake in an attempt to overcome these challenges?

Set realistic goals and come up with an action plan. Knowing what you’ll have to do and keeping the goal attainable will both be essential for climbing the professional ladder and potentially getting to where you’d like to be in the future.

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