"From 0 to 1" Part 1 - By Graham Hickson DevAcademy

“From 0 to 1” Part 1 – By Graham Hickson

“From 0 to 1” Part 1 – By Graham Hickson

I started moving into development as a kid, I was introduced to music very early through mixing music on turntables, that quickly progressed into using the system from Atari, Acorn, and Commodore for music production. Back then it involved programming to get things done and it snowballed from there.

The school didn’t really encourage me and by the time I hit high in the late 90’s I had already out paced a lot of the IT staff in campus never mind the teaching staff.

Expelled from school with no GCSE’s, no college, and no University. What I did have was a serious addiction to software. Even when working manual jobs in factories or on building sites I would still be going home to hit the code. The key to being a developer, in my opinion, has always been keeping up with change, I didn’t want to become stale so always jump at chances to adopt new technologies and practises, Xamarin being my latest fetish for the past couple of years.

My major break came by the way if DevAcademy after I moved back to the North East to have support from the family after being homeless. I was a candidate on DevAcademy’s 2015 course and 2 of the directors (Richard Lane and Lee Durham) cherry picked me to be the first developer of their new startup after I turned down a position with HPE on Cobalt.

That was a massive opportunity and I learned more about the business and management side of development from my time with them.

Thank you, Graham Hickson, for sharing the first part of his inspiring story.

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