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Here’s Why Developers Might Not Be Applying to Your Job Listing

Here’s Why Developers Might Not Be Applying to Your Job Listing

The job description is done and looks incredible. You’ve posted it on all the best websites. Now, you just wait for the perfect mobile developer in the North East to find it. Only, you aren’t getting the caliber of applicants you wanted. You begin to question what you’ve done wrong, chances are it isn’t just one thing. Typically, there are a few things that prevent you from locating the best candidates.

Excessive Application Process

No one wants to have to enter in their work history for the past decade. Then have to enter it again on another form. This causes frustration and most applicants will just quit at this point in the process. Applications should be short, sweet, and to the point. You should only ask for the information you truly need to know for the applicant to do the job. If they have an external document, allow them to upload that instead. The strongest candidates won’t have to fill out a long application to get a job at a major corporation in the North East, so you need to ensure you don’t discourage a developer in advance.

No Salary Information

Let’s be realistic. We don’t work solely for the love of our jobs. We do it because it pays the bills. A developer doesn’t want to waste their time applying for positions that won’t allow them to do that. While it might not be a deciding factor in the end, if you can’t pay even close to what other companies in the North East can and they want the cash above the perks, you save everyone time.

It’s a good idea to provide a salary range in the open position. You can even have it as a starting from and list the dollar amount. You don’t want to give some false hope to the candidate they will fall in the top bracket, but this gives them an idea of what to expect from you.

No Interaction with People After the Application


The worse thing your company can do is to completely ignore candidates after they submit an application. You need to keep up with them. If you screened them out, let them know. If you have forwarded the resume let them know. If a position has been filled, let them know that too. One of the worst things you can do to anyone is to leave them in the dark and a top developer in the North East is unlikely to even try again in the future, if they felt like they were ignored during the application process.

With a simple approach, you can help to keep developers interested in your position and expand on the number of people who apply. All it takes is following these simple steps when you are seeking a mobile developer in the North East.

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