Hiring Developers When You're Competing With The Big Boys.

Hiring Developers When You’re Competing With The Big Boys.

Hiring Developers When You’re Competing With The Big Boys.

It happens to every recruiter sooner or later; you know just the developer you want to hire. They are the best for the job, simply awesome. Then you lose them to the giant behemoth of a software company up the road. Annoying? Definitely. However, just because you don’t have the endless resources and bottomless pockets of the bigger firms out there doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for second best.

Enormous salaries and other costly benefits are factors that any developer considers when they decide where they want to work, of course. However, they are not the only determinants; there are many other areas in which a smaller company can far outshine its larger rivals.

The Candidate Experience
Hiring Developers

Hopefully we don’t need to say it, but the experience that any candidate has when they apply to your business and come for interview is a major factor in determining whether they decide to come to work for you.

When you’re hiring developers, think especially about making sure that they can see that you really know what you are looking for. This means testing for the right knowledge and skills for the role (and only the important ones, don’t include anything old, irrelevant or too easy just for the sake of it).

In addition, take the time to ensure that the recruitment process is yours; that it is relevant to your business and not something that has simply been ‘borrowed’ from a larger rival.

Speed Matters

Hiring Developers

Developers, especially the good ones, are likely to have two or even three interviews on the go at the same time. You are a smaller company so you should be able to move faster; take advantage of this fact and get in there before your larger rivals to hire the best staff.

Keep in constant touch with your candidates, especially the strongest ones, and make sure that they feel wanted. There’s nothing more likely to make a developer withdraw from your interviews than feeling as though you are not particularly interested in whether they take the job or not.

Meeting the Big Boss

Hiring Developers

For roles with a tech giant, the chance of meeting the founder or CEO is tiny. At a small start-up, however, it should be pretty much guaranteed. Use this as a selling point. Giving a candidate time to meet with a senior employee or the CEO will make them feel valued. It will also convey the message that their voice and position in the company will be similarly valued when you take them on.

Of course, you will need to deliver on that promise when you actually hire them, or you’ll have one unhappy developer on your hands!

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