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How Can We Help The Region Grow?

How Can We Help The Region Grow?

Nobody likes to see their team lose, so businesses in the North East should be working together to help the region to grow and become the best it can be. This doesn’t only apply to the tech and digital sector. Business owners can also help in making the area more attractive to potential candidates, thus improving recruitment rates going forward. Here are just some ways that companies can achieve collaboration and solidarity, in an attempt to embrace and nurture the local area.

Collaborating with the councils

There seems to be a genuine desire in Newcastle and Gateshead for businesses and communities to work together for a common cause, and this is evident in the councils’ positions. The councils in the North East are already doing as much as possible to support industry growth in the region. They have recognised the importance and the potential of the digital tech sector in particular, and have made known to the public their wishes to prioritise growth in the sector.

Build the best possible teams to let business in the region thrive

According to a survey carried out by Auxin Partnership in the Newcastle and Gateshead area, almost a quarter of tech companies have already implemented in-house training and development schemes. This figure can be improved on in the future, and almost certainly will be. In addition to providing employers with substantial gains in the form of increased knowledge and productivity, developmental services can also really benefit staff, by ensuring that they are trained to a high standard and are up to date in the fast-paced world of tech.

Help The Region Grow
Treat workers with respect and reap the rewards

No matter what their position is in the workplace, every member of staff should be treated with respect, and this is an approach that should be adopted by all. Feeling that you are appreciated for the job you do, no matter how little impact it has on the business, is sure to make an employee want to impress further and to contribute to future successes for the company and, in turn, the region. Acknowledging what people do can encourage them to work even harder, and they will, in turn, be loyal to your company and reward you in other ways. Word of mouth comments initiated by past and present employees about the company’s working ethos and team dynamics can be one of your best sources of advertising, so make sure that your workers only have good things to say about their experiences at your company.

Expanding without building on every available open space

Though there is a widespread shortage of Grade A office space in the North East, there are lots of potentials to turn existing office spaces, which might not be considered as Grade A now, into suitable floor space for the digital sector. These spaces can be made attractive to the market by refurbishing them. The best part of this? Companies can expand without taking up precious land, and without burdening the region with more commercial buildings. With other regions proving that the repurposing of old buildings is highly appropriate in this market, the approach would seem to be the best way forward for growing digital and tech companies in the North East.

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