How Can We Increase The Talent Pool In The North East?

How Can We Increase The Talent Pool In The North East?

How Can We Increase The Talent Pool In The North East?

With the Tech sector booming, we are in the middle a digital revolution. With even more growth expected over the next few years, the North East is at the forefront of these exciting changes. However, with all change comes compromises, and business owners will undoubtedly be left wondering how they can continue to attract key candidates. Here are some of the ways employers can attempt to increase the region’s talent pool and how these efforts impact candidates in the area.

An increase in demand

As companies start to increase their turnover, they are going to start searching for new employees to join their teams. With larger companies being more productive than small companies due to the additional manpower, it is expected that this growth will be more obvious in bigger firms. Not only that, larger businesses are perhaps more confident in their recruitment processes, whereas smaller companies might approach taking on new staff with more caution, thus creating a lag. This increase in demand, particularly present in larger tech firms, can only lead to more opportunities and potentially higher salaries for candidates with digital skills.

But employers are not simply looking to make their numbers up. They are searching for suitably qualified and motivated individuals who can enter the workforce and contribute to the expanding workload. There is no denying that this growing demand for skills within the tech sector is not limited to the North East, but it is a significant challenge for the cities in the North East, due to the region’s lead in the sector. Far from being seen as a negative, major tech cities should feel proud, as the increase in demand lends itself to a successful sector. Equally, employees can be confident that their profession is secure and that there is far more to be achieved in their industry.

There are a number of ways for companies to tackle the shortage in staff, which is good because it means that employers still have lots to work with, in order to entice candidates with attractive roles and relevant training.

What methods could be used to recruit talent?

According to a survey carried out by Auxin Partnership in the Newcastle and Gateshead area, almost a quarter of tech companies have already implemented in-house training and development schemes. This figure can be improved on in the future, and almost certainly will be. In addition to awarding employers with a substantial gain in the form of increased knowledge and productivity, developmental services can also really benefit staff, by ensuring that they are trained to a high standard and are up to date in the fast-paced world of tech. Training is just one proven way to make an employee feel valued in the workplace.

The survey revealed an unsurprising shortage in digital skills across the board, though what might come as a shock to candidates is that not one particular skill or level was found to be most in demand. This could be a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, if a person has very specific and rare skills, they might have expected their advanced knowledge to be more valuable to the industry than it is in the current market. On the other hand, those entering the sector or those with little experience have the freedom to move towards a different branch of the industry, without jeopardising their recruitment potential.

With many employees coming from the local area, whether that is down to loyalty to their city or practicality, there is a real advantage to companies adopting formal training programmes, such as coding schools, to encourage prospective candidates living on their doorstep to build a career with them. This would reduce the number of talented, employable students moving out of the region to study, and in the process losing their sense of loyalty to the city that they once called home.

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