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How Likely Are Developers To Be Turned Off By Moving To The North East?

How Likely Are Developers To Be Turned Off By Moving To The North East?

Would you be happy to pack your bags and relocate for the sake of your career? In this article, we look into the initiatives set up by employers to attract more candidates to the region and how this impacts on an individual looking to move to the North East to fill those growing technological and digital positions.

Popular UK regions for digital candidates

Though one might expect London to be the most sought after UK region for budding developers and their digital colleagues due to the high-paying salaries, the capital actually loses its competitive edge to numerous other cities. According to research, some of the best cities in terms of the tech sector are Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge (said to be the best city for employee satisfaction across all sectors), Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sheffield. Compared with an average salary in London of just under £53,000, Cambridge is reasonably close behind at around £41,500 followed by Glasgow offering roughly £40,500. Meanwhile, Milton Keynes and Nottingham come in at £36,000 and just short of £28,000 respectively. In spite of the lower salaries, smaller cities, such as those in the North East, are clearly more attractive to many candidates, thanks to lower house prices and a lower cost of living.

Demand for developers in the North East

A recent survey carried out by Auxin showed that Newcastle and Gateshead are highly successful when it comes to the tech industry, turning over £1.25bn and predicting a growth rate of 28% over the next three years. With this year on year growth, experts expect employee levels to rise significantly too, making this region a potential hub for developers and other digital candidates. Digital businesses in the region are so confident about the robustness of their industry that they believe they can even compete with international cities for employees. As such, more and more candidates are seeking work in the North East or being relocated to the region to fill the growing number of positions.

What does the North East have to offer workers?

In light of these promising predictions for the future of the industry, Newcastle and Gateshead-based companies are taking steps to support the steady growth. Solutions and initiatives are already on the ground to accommodate the high numbers of employees being recruited from within the cities and further afield. These include developing new training initiatives, securing additional properties to provide accommodation for staff and sourcing planning permission or new premises to enable office expansion. Though such efforts are not limited to these cities, the North East is unique in that the Local Enterprise Partnership sees the region as being positioned in an area of the UK which is ‘leading a new industrial revolution’ and where ‘creative, digital, software and technology pioneers are spearheading the region’s growing reputation as a hotbed of ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and tech collaboration’.

Are developers turned off by moving to the North East?

Given the region’s reputation and its business spirit when it comes to the growing technological sector, it is surprising to think that anybody could be put off moving to Newcastle, Gateshead or the surrounding cities for work purposes. Furthermore, the recruitment figures, industry forecasts and city employment satisfaction rankings show that the North East is becoming more and more popular among candidates. As the demand for more workers increases, the pool of qualified candidates is expanding across the country and suitably experienced individuals are obviously feeling more inclined to chase exciting opportunities in the North. If any candidates are feeling unsure about a professional relocation to the North East, the benefits of the imminent ‘digital migration’ is sure to sway them into thinking positively about their future in this booming region.

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