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How Much Does a Developer Get Paid?

How Much Does a Developer Get Paid?

If you and your team are about to hire a developer for your company’s tech needs, you will have already discovered the type of salary package that you need to put forward in the North East region. Here we look into why developers come at such a price and why there really is no way of getting around offering this level of remuneration.

The Hiring Process

Let’s take a step back for a moment. As mentioned, you have most likely set your salary budget for your vacant post and have followed up a few positive leads in preparation for filling this role. However, should you need any further assistance with the hiring process, then you should definitely consider getting in touch with one of the leading recruitment agencies in Newcastle. Ronald James, for instance, specialises in recruiting candidates for digital roles, so could offer some friendly, relevant advice.

How Much does a Developer get Paid?

The average salary of a developer in Newcastle rose by 16%, as of April 2017 (according to TotalJobs), and it is not looking like it is about to slow down anytime soon. This is, of course, fantastic news for those seeking employment in the digital and tech industry now, but it is rather a concern for hiring managers, who are struggling to meet these new expectations but are in serious need of the skills that developers provide. Companies are consequently looking at shelling out, on average, £37,500 per annum to be in with a chance of securing a suitably qualified candidate.

Why is there such an increase in demand?


With an explosion in the number of digital companies in the region, Newcastle and its surrounding neighbours now have a shortage in supply of digital recruits. The dramatic increase in demand for developers in the area has driven the rise in salary levels, and so firms are being forced to spend more to beat their competition to the best talent.

The Alternatives

Some business is taking on staff with less drive, for instance, employees who have been in the industry a long time and have grown somewhat tired of the pace that the environment is moving in. It is thought that individuals like this are less concerned with driving their salary and their responsibilities up too high, for fear that they can’t deliver what is expected of them, whether due to a lack of modern digital know-how or a shortage of motivation. Others are hiring developers with minimal qualifications and training. The problem they face in this type of situation, however, is that the candidates must learn on the job, which turns a simple recruitment process into a long-winded and long-term commitment if companies are to be rewarded for this move further down the line. This may result in a loyal, perfectly able developer, but it is certainly a risk.

As you can see, there really are few ways of getting around paying more for your developer in this day and age, and many of these solutions rely on you being happy to settle for second best. If you are serious about recruiting only the best digital talent for your team, why not contact Ronald James today for a 10-minute consultation?

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