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How to Interview Candidates Who Aren’t Actively Pursuing New Employment

How to Interview Candidates Who Aren’t Actively Pursuing New Employment

We are always seeking new recruits in the Digital & Tech industry, and we always have doubts about certain candidates that we’ve interviewed?  We always have to fill open positions such as Web Developers, Business Analysts or Agile Project Managers, Testers.  This is especially true when we’ve interviewed people who aren’t actively seeking new employment. What’s the best way to interview these types of candidates?

At Ronald James, we are a leading Digital & Tech recruitment agency in the North East, and we know that interviewing passive technology candidates can be quite tough. However, we would like to provide the following helpful tips.

Don’t Put Too Much Emphasis on the Interview Questions

Don’t worry about the actual interview questions. Pay more attention to how you ask the interview questions.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific set of questions for passive candidates. Your goal is to ask the questions in a way that suits each type of candidate.  Ask the questions and pay close attention to the answers.

However, the first thing is to determine if a candidate is really interested in finding a job right now.  Does he want to be hired by a particular company?  Has he researched various companies and know what they do?  Keep in mind that a lot of people send out resumes even when they are not actively seeking new employment.  They are just testing the waters.

During a job search, most people research companies when they’re interested, but this is not the case for passive candidates.  However, this does not mean that you should ignore them.  You can still interview them and ask about their future job goals.

Get Genuine Info from Job Candidate

The average person goes on a lot of interviews.  They know what type of interview questions to expect, and this is why most people have a practiced answer for most interview questions. However get the best information by moving potential candidates away from these practiced answers.

At Ronald James, we are a well-known North East recruitment company.  We have experience in getting candidates to answer in a more natural manner.  Many times it is just a matter of getting candidates to talk about a certain section of their background. We get genuine information that helps us to determine if a candidate is a good fit for open positions.

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Ensure Interview Questions are Open-Ended

Remember that many candidates are not actively seeking new employment.  This means that they are somewhat reserved when it comes to the interview process.  Many of them won’t want to talk to you.  At this point, you must pull information from potential candidates.  Thus, it doesn’t make sense to ask questions that require just a yes or no answer.

Only ask open-ended questions.  Strive to get more information than just a simple yes or no. Start out by asking candidates about their current responsibilities on the job.   Not everyone is looking for a new job right now.  But the average person likes to talk about their job, even if it is not a good fit.  This makes it easier for you to branch out and ask plenty of questions and determine if this person is a good employment risk.

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