How To Secure The Best PHP Developer Talent For Your Business?

How To Secure The Best PHP Developer Talent For Your Business?

How To Secure The Best PHP Developer Talent For Your Business?

When it comes to hiring developers, recruitment is particularly competitive in the North East, and many employers find that they struggle to get the best talent for the roles they need to fill. PHP developers are in hot demand and any business that operates online to any degree will have benefited from their talents. This means that you need to be strategic in order to get the best candidates when you begin any recruitment effort.

Go where the developers are

PHP developers don’t tend to be found on standard social media websites, so save your Facebook and Twitter efforts. Instead, head to PHP Freaks, PHP Builder Forum and the PHP Developer’s Network to start conversations. You’ll find vibrant communities of workers in the field, where you can gently start to engage, by showing a genuine interest in the projects being discussed, contributing to the discussion and building rapport. Don’t be aggressive, but do be sincere. This rapport will later pay off.

Understand their daily challenges

If you can learn about the challenges that PHP developers face, you can engage with them more effectively for recruitment. Top issues include the desire to create exceptional user interfaces, security issues, and data storage. You need to learn about these things too as an effective recruiter, in order to have meaningful conversations, both before and at interview.

If you can understand the issues that preoccupy developers in their roles, you can be proactive in showing how your company deals with them, when you recruit. PHP developers want to know how companies organise, invest and use their technology stacks, and want to understand the details of these frameworks to decide whether or not they’d be happy working there. They also want to know about culture – and this is key. Developers who feel supported in their roles are far more likely to stay. This, of course, applies to all staff, but PHP developers often say that they want to feel they are being listened to and that their advice is acted on.

Having sufficient budgets in place

If you can show that you have adequate budgets for projects too, that will help. All developers have experienced the frustration of working on something with the rug being pulled out from under their feet or being asked to perform miracles on a pittance. Show that the IT team is not the last in the line for budget shares.

Working style and systems

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Working style is also important, with the right project management systems needed, to make it easier for technical teams to work in a structured way and without unrealistic client demands or deadlines to contend with. Last but not least, be able to show clear routes for progression, with ample and targeted training on offer, so that PHP teams can continue to develop their skills and feel that they are keeping up to date with everything happening in the field.

Get this right and your recruitment efforts will start to translate into success, with high-quality PHP developers that come to you by choice in the first place, and then choose to stay because you deliver on what you promised!

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