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How to Stop Failing at Developer Hiring

How to Stop Failing at Developer Hiring

Recruiting developers can be a daunting task. The best developers are in high demand, and they know this. As you’re going to market seeking professionals for your organization, you will be competing with scores of other companies and recruiters that have similar goals. If you believe some statistics, the most talented developers could be looking at up to twenty different job offers at any given time. This means that you need to market your roles in a way that attracts the best professionals, and you also need a robust process in place so that you can identify who those professionals are.

From junior front end developers to experienced DevOps engineers, developers are the backbone of many of the world’s best technology and software companies. When you’re putting your brand out there in the North East recruitment market, you need some structured steps and strategies. At Ronald James we have in depth knowledge of digital & tech recruiting practices, and have had great success in shaping the careers of talented developers, and delivering talent to some of England’s leading companies.

While these tips won’t completely define your North East recruitment strategy, they will give you the solid foundation and mind-set that you need to attract better talent, while more accurately determining who those star candidates are, for your digital & tech needs

Understand Who You Are Hiring

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You don’t have to be a developer to be a successful recruiter, but you do need to know who you’re hiring, what they do, and what value they bring to any organisation. Developers aren’t tech ‘ninjas’, nor are the ‘gurus’, in fact, many of them hate being referred to by these terms. Give them credit for their achievements, and give them the respect they deserve by understanding their experience and how it can benefit any of your job openings.

Involve Digital & Tech SMEs in the Hiring Process

You’ve built a career of recognising unique talent and bringing value to the North East recruitment market. But if you’re not a subject matter expert in the field you’re hiring for, then bring in someone who is. This could include managers or peers for the role being advertised. They will be able to provide valuable feedback about the candidate, while also being able to communicate key details about the role during the interview.

Look Beyond the CV

A CV is a ridiculously brief overview of a candidate’s academic achievements and their career. It’s an indicator, but is in no way a complete representation of an individual’s talent. Look for blogs, valuable social media profiles like LinkedIn, or a presence on key development community websites. These can provide additional context for their talents and their position in their industry. Side projects, like open source development contributions, can give an indication of their coding skills. Involving yourself in development communities can also help you to network and discover new talent.

Structure is Key to the Interview Process


A standardised interview process is necessary to gain insights for all of your candidate requirements, while also ensuring that you are able to effectively compare candidates and their skills/experience. It is also essential to develop a template for the ideal candidate. Seek feedback from managers and peer group professionals so that there is a high benchmark for all future candidates.

Use Job Listings to Filter Unsuitable Candidates

Much of the recruitment period can be wasted by interviewing underqualified, overqualified, or even disinterested applicants. Make your job listings work for you by being specific about expectations and job details. Get your message right, and you will receive interest from only the most suitable candidates. Not only does this benefit your recruitment drive, but it shows respect to candidates, and eliminates the risk of awkward interviews.

Be Flexible Regarding Qualifications

Many of today’s top developers didn’t develop their skills in a lecture hall. They built experience in digital & tech companies by doing what they love. A degree isn’t always necessary to be a top tier developer, so make sure that your evaluation system allows for flexibility by also evaluating past experience and successful development projects.

Move Fast, with Intelligence

Because the North East recruitment market is so competitive, especially when it comes to developers and other digital & tech professionals, it is essential that you move quickly when you’ve found the right candidate. Develop structured systems to evaluate suitability, compare candidates, and check references. Waiting too long to make a job offer can mean that you miss out on the best talent.

Develop and Communicate Company Branding

The best developers want to work for companies that have awesome culture, a strong brand, and future opportunities. Remember that just as you are interviewing the candidate, they’re also interviewing you to determine whether they want the role being offered. Again, this comes back to the highly competitive situation in North east recruitment. It’s a candidate’s market, so make sure that your company stands out, and that you can effectively communicate the benefits (especially the non-financial ones) to your clients.

Consider a Live Evaluation

Whether you present a coding challenge, or any other problem solving scenario, it can be valuable to provide an evaluation that is directly relevant to the job being offered. This can indicate competency of a candidate, as well as how easily they can respond to pressure without forewarning.

Introduce Candidates to the Workplace

Whether it’s through a tour and a meet & greet, or through a prepared video when interviews are off-site, provide your ideal candidates with an opportunity to see the business in action and meet the teams and individuals that they could potentially be working with. This can allow for feedback both internally and from the candidates, and it can help to further sell the unique employment opportunity that you’re offering.

With the right recruitment strategy in place, you can ensure that you receive better candidates that are more suited to your digital & tech roles. With Ronald James IT Recruitment Specialists, you can develop the right strategy that fits your business and your available positions. Don’t lose out on the best candidates, and build a pool of top talent for your continued success in the rapidly growing North East technology industry.

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