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Interviewing a Graphic Designer

Interviewing a Graphic Designer

We live in a time where people are spending more time on the internet. With people constantly going through websites, there is an increased need for graphic designers. Every company in the North East needs them to handle their websites and Ronald James has connections with some of the best in the industry. With the right graphic designer on staff, you can take a dull website and help it to explode with color and design.

In order to do that, you will need to ask some very precise questions to help screen the individuals. The best way to do that is to that is by going through the following questions. They can be asked in addition to your most common company questions, and can even be uniquely tailored to fit your specific needs.

The first two questions should deal with their qualifications and previous experience in the role of a graphic designer. You don’t want someone who has just graduated from school to step in and to attempt to take on this pivotal role. By asking about these essential elements, you can gain a deeper understanding about the person and determine if they will be the right match for your company.

A question pertaining to how they would revamp your company logo is another great choice. This will give you some ideas about how quickly they can assess the current artwork and what they can do to improve upon it. It might be as simple as a few quick modifications and leaving the core artwork there. Another individual might explain a way they would revamp and reintroduce your brand. Depending on what you are looking for, both might be great options.

Now you want some technical knowledge of what they know. The way to open this up is to find out what graphic design software do they use. Every graphic designer in the North East will have their own preference. This might be Corel Draw, Photoshop Pro, Photo Director, Serif Draw Plus or one of countless other programs. This is important to know, because if you move forward with this individual you’ll need to determine if you are willing to invest in the software to allow them to do their job.


On the flip side, if a basic program like paint is mentioned, this is a red flag. This either shows they aren’t qualified to be handling this position, or they aren’t comfortable using advanced software. You may want to press further as to why they are only using basic software.

There are two other elements that you need to ensure the candidate can handle. The first is if they are willing to be instructed on their designs. You may have a very clear picture of what you want and that is what they need to be able to produce. If they aren’t comfortable doing this and forgoing creative freedom, they might not be the right person for you. You’ll also want to make it a point to stress that the position will come with criticism both internally and externally. Make sure they can accept constructive criticism as they are improving their designs and providing the company more of what you are looking for.

Ronald James understands how valuable your time is. That’s why any candidates that are referred to you for a graphic designer position will be expertly screened and an appropriate match for your company.

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