It Is Exciting Time To Be A .Net Developer And Here's Why

It Is Exciting Time To Be A .Net Developer And Here’s Why

It Is Exciting Time To Be A .Net Developer And Here’s Why

There are changes in the air for .NET developers. In a recent survey, 69% of those who were asked if they felt excited about the changes coming to ASP.Net agreed they were. This is an exceptional approval rating, and of those asked 32% did state they use WebForms in place of ASP.NET core 1.0, which does not allow the developer to utilize this service.

While that might seem odd to fans in the northeast, it is still something that can be worked around. Thanks to the introduction of cross platform tools, it is now possible for the mobile app developer to do more through programs like Apache Cordova or Xamarin. Even while the expansion is out there, there are still relatively few developer firms that are catering to the Windows 10 Mobile format here in the Northeast and beyond. Part of this is due to difficult programming and not a lot of understanding of the development process.

However, with UWP, a desktop developer can actually do more from a single location, including to catering their app to work in a Windows Mobile environment. Thanks to this application building, it is possible to expand the reach of an item, but there are still framework items that need to be worked through. Thanks to Xamarin and other cross platform tools, there is still a chance for companies to breakaway from this process and to ensure that there are enough functioning platforms that their app works on, so there aren’t too many problems along the way.


In the future, there are additional options that are coming available. This is a chance for people to simplify the process and to ensure that there are no surprises along the way. In fact, more users are expected to benefit from these new cross platform development tools and all the options that they have for future use. While there may still be some restrictions at this time, it is expected that more options will become available along the way and that means new avenues for development to be explored.

As the Universal Windows Platform continues to push the user experience forward, there is an understanding that more companies are set to use it. All it will take is getting together at the development stage and ensure that the entire process is figured out. After all, you want to ensure that there is less coding required, while still allowing everyone to maximize the options that are available for the developer in the Northeast. With so many new trends set to rise in the community, this is one of the most exciting times to be a part of the mobile app development community.

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