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Looking for Your Dream Job

Looking for Your Dream Job

If you’re seeking that next professional challenge, there are a few things you need to consider before you can even think about applying for roles. Don’t forget to follow these steps, if you want to be sure of securing the best possible position for you.

Update your CV

Looking for web development work in the digital industry can be daunting. Even though developers and other tech professionals are high in demand, candidates must always compete with other individuals and their qualifications and experience. Whether you are seeking work because you are new to the industry, you are unhappy in your current role or you are simply ready for that next step, you must make sure that your CV is up to date and is a fair representation of you, what you have achieved and your capabilities. Companies rely on CVs to let them know what to expect from a prospective employee, but you should also rely on the document opening doors for you too. Most people don’t update their CV until they are looking to make a move, so it is important that no vital information is missed and that the document is error-free.

Check your social media platforms


When applying for a role, you should think about how you are representing yourself to the world. In addition to the above documentation, there are other ways for employers to check up on candidates. So, do your social media platforms need to be cleaned up? Some things we post on Facebook can have negative connotations, yet be shared for a laugh, but it is very difficult for hiring managers to understand this humour without knowing more about your personality. As such, you would be wise to either delete these types of stories from the public domain or ensure that your private life really is kept under wraps. Not only that, but you should consider how well your social media, even down to your professional networks, showcase your skills and talent. Check out this Forbes’ article for ways that social media can be used to your advantage or disadvantage when looking for a job.

Consider using a recruitment agency

Job boards are a good resource for job seekers and they can be very helpful in kick-starting your job search. However, for nearly every offered role that you’ll find on job boards, there is a recruiter searching their database looking for the right candidate. This is why you should seriously think about approaching a recruitment agency to help you find your dream job. Recruiters like Ronald James in the North East know all about web development in Newcastle, and the type of skills and qualifications required to fill related roles.

A recruiter is typically in a very powerful position to get the information they need to help you to gain your perfect job. They will fight to help you to be more than just a CV in a stack of candidates. If you’re seeking a new role and you’re ready to take the search to the next level, give us a call and find out how we can help. To book in a 10 minute candidate discussion, please call the number provided and we will be happy to help you move on wards and upwards in your career.

If you are serious about attracting new candidates, why not book in for a free 10-minute client attraction call with us today?

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