My top 3 tools in Node.js - By Joe Norman. Click here to read more

My top 3 tools in Node.js – By Joe Norman

My top 3 tools in Node.js – By Joe Norman

Working in a particular programming language for an extended period of time enables you to discover and utilise some pretty terrific tools, and JavaScript (Node.js in particular) is no exception to this rule. Here are a list of my favourites.


“A rich framework for building applications and services”

One thing that Node.js is a fantastic use case for (and flourishes in) is writing web services. Node.js has a huge range of frameworks and libraries dedicated to achieving this goal. None however, are like Hapi.js.

Hapi utilises a ‘configuration over code’ ethic when it concerns building web services, which, in contrast to other common frameworks (such as Express.js) is a unique approach to tackling this nontrivial problem. One thing I thoroughly enjoy about Hapi is that it allows you to focus on the implementation of your services, rather than the boilerplate.

Hapi.js has an active and supportive community, with the current version standing at 16.2.2. It continues to grow in both features & functionality, and Is always my first choice in server framework.


“The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.”

In the world of JavaScript we’re seeing a significant movement in improving its core language features via the release, collaboration and review of specifications. Often so much so in fact, that it takes some time for major runtimes and/or web browsers to catch up in order to support these features. In the meantime however, we have a fantastic compiler / transpiler which allows us to use these new features: Babel.

Babel keeps up with the TC39 stages of development, so new language features are released often far quicker than the aforementioned runtimes. So, if you want to use those awesome language features – look no further than Babel!


“Advanced, production process manager for Node.js”

In order to feel more ‘production ready’ with your Node.js applications, it makes sense to utilise the right tools for process and application management. Best practices such as logging (and log management), process & application inspection, performance metrics are essential at this stage, and PM2 is a fantastic application that handles your applications with ease.

PM2 ships with a vast amount of features, and provides a real peace of mind for shipping out your Node.js applications.

So these are a few of my favourite tools in Node.js. Check out the following links to get started on each:

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