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Top 5 things North East Developers are looking for in a new job

Top 5 things North East Developers are looking for in a new job

With the digital sector and its jobs being as lucrative as they are in the North East, developers often need more than one incentive before they think about changing roles. Employers must, therefore, bear in mind that developers are seeking more than just a pay rise, and be sure to factor in some more appealing motives when they begin recruiting someone for this type of technical role. Here are just a few examples of what developers want from their new challenge.

To make an impact
The nature of their role means that developers aren’t happy to just sit back and go with the flow. They are creative and innovative in their approach to work, and as such, they want to make an impact. So whether you are thinking of ways to attract new talent or to retain a really good employee within this digital role, take note that the individual needs to have the freedom to express him or herself and to see others noticing the effect that their efforts are making on the business.

To be in good company
As with many jobs, the team dynamics play an important role in the smooth running of daily tasks, but it is perhaps even more important to work well together in a digital team. If your current or prospective developer is an expert within their niche, they will want to feel confident in the fact that their peers are also highly trained and experienced. Having access to digital professionals who love and are great at what they do can make a developer flourish or fail at their task. This can also be said of the tools made available to them – uninspiring or useless programs can really impact the way that your developer approaches their work.

An appropriate work/life balance
Developers will also contact recruitment agencies in Newcastle upon Tyne when they feel that their professional life is impacting on their personal life. Though they may love their work, many developers do not want to live their work. By seeing an opportunity to have less pressure placed upon them in the workplace, a developer might be inclined to change roles. Many developers will put a preference on a company that offers them a better balance between life and work, as opposed to a bigger salary.

Company culture also plays an important role in attracting or retaining talent. Most employees and developers are no different and want to work in an environment where colleagues and managers alike treat one another with respect. They also want to feel confident that they will fit into the environment and be motivated by the company’s goals.

Finally, no professional is going to change roles unless they can see clear scope for growth and development. By not offering, or by failing to address, the opportunity to progress within your company, you could be putting developers and other digital candidates off coming to work for you. Forbes Online reiterates the need for growth to attract and motivate employees.

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