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Pitfalls to Avoid in Building your Tech Team

Pitfalls to Avoid in Building your Tech Team

You have no doubt put countless hours into building the right team of developers for your business. And rightly so. Finding just the right developer for your team is a challenging task and we all know that the best potential staff don’t just come knocking on the door. So with that in mind, it’s more valuable than ever to consider just how you go about searching for your new recruits, writing job descriptions, recruitment emails and generally building our employer brand.

In our experience, however, there are a couple of tricks and tips that even the biggest and best in the business tend to miss that could help you to find that next great developer.

Don’t write off “job hoppers”

It’s becoming more and more the case across all sectors, but in the digital world in particular, simply writing off applicants who have worked in a number of jobs in a relatively short space of time is increasingly a bad idea. The very best developers out there may never need to apply for more than one or two jobs in their entire career; instead moving from contract to contract as they choose because their expertise in such high demand. A full and honest CV for this person – the ultimate perfect hire – could run to tens if not hundreds of previous positions, yet would you turn them down?

Of course, there will always be the developer who has moved between numerous previous employers simply because they’ve never managed to reach the required standard. But that’s by no means always the case. You’ll find candidates who have moved for family reasons or perhaps in order to work with emerging technologies. Whatever the reason, it’s worth taking the time to understand the background so that you don’t lose out on a potentially great developer for your team.

Building your Tech Team

Get in early in the North East’s HE sector

Here in the North East, we’re privileged to have one of the United Kingdom’s, if not the world’s, leading Higher Education sectors. Newcastle, York and Durham Universities, to name just three, have internationally renowned programmes. The result is hundreds of highly qualified graduate developers entering the job market every year.

Developing relationships with colleges and universities, whether through offering training, internships and work experience or simply by taking part in job fairs and other opportunities is a great way of getting to know these developer stars of the future.

If you manage to attract students to work with your development team, make sure that you give them real roles and real responsibilities. Not only will they feel more valued and be more inclined to stay with and work for your company in the future, but you’ll be able to see the quality of code that they write and talent spot your developer superstars of tomorrow.

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