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This company is an exciting and disruptive business having developed a unique software-as- a-service product that allows retailers and marketers to efficiently and creatively manage their website media without the need for complex, third party and costly IT development. In this way, the company is dramatically re- engineering the economics and quality of online merchandising and marketing.

The company product allows retailers to run sales and marketing campaigns consistently over any device or channel, thereby increasing the quality and reach of each campaign. By having the ability to control and update the media in their digital channels, retailers and marketers can increase the frequency of campaigns. The companies product therefore increases both the quality and frequency of product marketing campaigns, increasing digital channel sales.


Technology Stack

They try their best to use the right technology for the job. We have enough courage to use new and cutting edge tech after a convincing debate. Otherwise they evolve their product using the tools we think are best.

Primarily, they create APIs using Java and light weight frameworks like Jax-RS relying on technologies like Cassandra, SQL, Solr, Hadoop & many AWS services. They use Maven along with TeamCity and Bamboo for our build process. They believe in API first and microservices. Rather than using server side technologies to generate HTML their frontend team build web apps which consume the APIs.

Everything they build is deployed by there devops team. They automate as much as possible using modern devops techniques like Puppet & Cloudformation.


The role

They are looking for a Sr Backend Engineer to join their growing team. Day to day you will help design and build cloud Java micro services. They would particularly love you to apply if some of the statements below describe you:

  • You have a very strong understanding of Java, object oriented programming and design patterns
  • You have built medium or large Java applications, requiring you to use frameworks like Spring and solve associated problems like dependency injection, configuration and modularization
  • You have experience mentoring and directing less senior engineers
  • You are principled about technology and have opinions about programming and tools
  • You care about software architecture
  • You believe automated testing is important and that code should be well tested
  • You have experience with specific technologies in our stack



Working together and learning are key to their engineering culture. They rely on each other to help & solve the problems we are given. Most things we build have full stack implications, often involve unfamiliar technologies and require them to think creatively. Within that they believe that everyone can share their idea and the best idea should win, just be ready to defend your idea.

Learning never ends. Everyone is willing to share what they know to help each other do the best job possible. They also pay for books, courses and conferences to help keep current and get ahead of our competitors. They like to be an active member of our tech community.

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