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  • Language is Still Hindering Testing and The Hiring of Testers29th November 2017, James Blackwell

    It’s been a month now since I attended Test Bash Manchester. I heard two very powerful talks at that conference […]

    How VueJs helped me fall in love with front-end development again – By Daniel Abbott27th November 2017, Dan Blackwell

    With all the bundlers, builders, task runners and transpilers, you’ll be forgiven for longing for the good old days of […]

    Spring Framework coding hacks – by Mauricio Ferreira15th November 2017, Dan Blackwell

    I consider myself an enthusiast of the Spring Framework. I’ve been following and working with this platform since 2009. Just […]

    10 easy tips to help you land your first Web Developer role14th November 2017, James Blackwell

    Landing your first web developer role is difficult. As a junior developer it’s vital to get your foot in the […]

    Staff Retention: Painful Truths About Hanging On To Your Best Developers12th October 2016, James Blackwell

    Staff retention would be less of an issue for the North East technology sector if the only things that mattered […]

    Three Golden Rules For Hiring Great Developers15th August 2016, James Blackwell

    Whether you’re aiming to redesign the user experience on your website, produce a mobile app or keep your business-critical applications […]

    You’ve Got The Job, Now What About The Salary?8th August 2016, Dan Blackwell

    The interview’s over; you’ve convinced the employer to fall in love with you, and they’ve offered you the job of […]

    Pitfalls to Avoid in Building your Tech Team18th July 2016, James Blackwell

    You have no doubt put countless hours into building the right team of developers for your business. And rightly so. […]

    What is the Best Paying Development Language for a Developer in the Northeast?11th July 2016, Dan Blackwell

    A major portion of tech job listings are the web development languages that are required for the position. While a […]

    It Is Exciting Time To Be A .Net Developer And Here’s Why27th June 2016, Dan Blackwell

    There are changes in the air for .NET developers. In a recent survey, 69% of those who were asked if […]

    3 Things Small Companies Should Showcase to Attract Great Developers15th June 2016, James Blackwell

    Technology continues to be the go to choice for recruiters in the North East, and that isn’t going to change […]

    If you’re going to learn JavaScript, learn JavaScript – by David Nimmo10th June 2016, James Blackwell

    There are a lot of blog posts floating around these days that will tell you why you should learn JavaScript, […]

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