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  • My top 3 tools in Node.js – By Joe Norman26th October 2017, Dan Blackwell

    Working in a particular programming language for an extended period of time enables you to discover and utilise some pretty […]

    Four Essential Things You Need to Know in Hiring Developer31st July 2017, James Blackwell

    Recruiting developers is quite daunting, especially knowing that they are in such high demand. What can you offer them that […]

    How to Identify and Interview the Best Web Developers10th July 2017, James Blackwell

    Web developers play a pivotal role in any organisation, so finding the best developer for your team and project is […]

    An Introduction to ES2015 with JavaScript by Joe Norman12th May 2017, Dan Blackwell

    Intro The world of JavaScript has changed dramatically over the last decade – with the explosion of web frameworks to […]

    PHP Developer Job – Killingworth26th October 2016, James Blackwell

    Applicants should be developers who are highly enthusiastic, self-motivated and very keen and ready to learn. Evidence of good technical […]

    Staff Retention: Painful Truths About Hanging On To Your Best Developers12th October 2016, James Blackwell

    Staff retention would be less of an issue for the North East technology sector if the only things that mattered […]

    What Developers Really Hate About Job Hunting?26th September 2016, James Blackwell

    We may be recruitment specialists, but even we aren’t going to pretend that searching for a job is an enjoyable […]

    Are You Working On The Best Technologies?19th September 2016, Dan Blackwell

    Do you have children? If you do, are they interested in fashion? Because if they are, then you’ll understand what […]

    Why Is Developer Pay So High? And What Does It Have To Do With Bananas?12th September 2016, James Blackwell

    Over the last year, the average salary for a .NET developer in Newcastle has risen by 26%, and it’s still […]

    Are You A Developer? Would You Like To Increase Your Salary By £5,000?5th September 2016, Dan Blackwell

    Probably a ridiculous question, we know. After all, who wouldn’t like to earn a little more? What if we told […]

    Three Golden Rules For Hiring Great Developers15th August 2016, James Blackwell

    Whether you’re aiming to redesign the user experience on your website, produce a mobile app or keep your business-critical applications […]

    What Is Sentiment Analysis? – By Jamie Maguire5th August 2016, James Blackwell

    Introduction People have always had an interest on what specific individuals or groups of individuals think or what their opinion […]

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