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Things to Consider in Hiring IT support

Things to Consider in Hiring IT support

Ever wished there was a profile for a good IT support individual? Ronald James has developed a set of important criteria to ensure that businesses in the North East find an IT support professional who will succeed in the team and help bring success to the wider business.

The main characteristics of a great IT support professional
There are a few key characteristics to consider when hiring IT support, to ensure you choose the perfect individual for the role. Firstly, a demonstration of good problem-solving skills is essential. When a tricky situation arises, you should feel confident that this person can independently solve the problem. Someone who is happy to spend the time to find the right solution, all the while applying a positive trial and error attitude, is most likely to be in a position to calmly and logically help your business when a serious problem occurs.

The desire to improve and develop one’s professional experience is also a very attractive trait, and one that recruitment agencies in Newcastle upon Tyne will look out for when recommending someone for your IT department. Aspiring to improve their skills shows that the individual has pride in their work and displays initiative, both of which can be very valuable attributes to a business. These individuals are also the ones that you can count on the most when you run into new problems, as they will likely be prepared for and able to handle any major threat to the business. After all, if they are devoted to your company and have the commitment to succeed, with their input, your team will continue to shine.

A positive attitude is also very important in any type of role and business. You’ll want someone who is an effective communicator to join your team, as just one unfriendly or negative person can drive down team morale and lead to a hostile working environment. After all, the IT department will work with people from all departments across the company. With support being the crucial element of this role, you will no doubt want your IT personnel to be a positive reflection of who you are and to be polite and approachable when engaging with fellow staff or customers.

Other factors to consider
A person’s experience is very important to their ability to do the job effectively. The true experience of dealing with everyday issues that might crop up in your business is essential. While training can accomplish a certain level of knowledge and expertise, nothing compares to having someone with experience handling a problem with ease and confidence. Likewise, colleges are often not preparing candidates well enough for real jobs, so more budget and time needs to be spent on those just entering the professional world.

Another thing that Ronald James feels is important to think about is the availability of the individual. Not all IT support professionals have the ability to be free 24/7 for you, yet you may need someone to cover unsociable hours from time to time. You need to understand what the person’s limitations are, what other commitments they have and consider any health and lifestyle complications. Be sure that you are able to accommodate their needs, and don’t just take it for granted that they can step up when you need or expect them to.

In addition to time restrictions, there is also a matter of location to be aware of. If you need someone who can rush over to the office in the event of an emergency or disaster, you need to take into consideration whereabouts in the North East your prospective employee lives, and whether they have access to suitable transportation out of normal office hours.

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