Three Golden Rules For Hiring Great Developers. Ronald James

Three Golden Rules For Hiring Great Developers

Three Golden Rules For Hiring Great Developers

Whether you’re aiming to redesign the user experience on your website, produce a mobile app or keep your business-critical applications running at the cutting edge, every business needs exceptional quality code. For that reason, the recruitment market for developers has never been more competitive.

The unemployment figure for software engineers, coders and developers is roughly half the national average; and reducing all the time. Great developers in the market are in huge demand and often seem able to demand their own terms from the companies they want to work for. What’s more, the tech giants seem only too happy to provide generous salary and benefit packages to attract them.

So, what can you do to make sure that you don’t lose out in recruiting the very best developer talent out there? Here are three golden rules.

Rule #1: Take Your Time.

If you’re building a new start-up, it can be tempting to hire the ten developers you need right away. They might not be the most awesome team out there, but they’re on the market, and you need the job doing now, right?

Hiring Great Developers

Wrong! Take your time to hire just one genuinely first-class developer at the start. You need to make sure this is the right person. Set up short-term consulting contracts if you need to before hiring someone permanently, just to make sure you find the right fit. Get the right person in as your first hire and great things will follow.

In fact, by taking the time to get this vital first step just right, you’ll find that your next developer recruits will be of the highest calibre too. Why? Because talent attracts talent, and if you’ve got one of the best in the business working for you then other great developers will want to work with them.

However, do remember:

Rule #2: Stay AWAY from Rockstars

Developing software is a team game, not an individual sport. There is no value in having someone in your development team if they can’t work as part of that team, either because they just don’t (or can’t) “do” teamwork or because they’re such a big name that they detract from the team as a whole.

Of course, talent is talent, and nobody is saying that you shouldn’t hire an outstanding developer if you find one. However do be mindful that teamwork and group dynamics are just as important.

Rule #3: Design for job satisfaction

Finally, and most importantly of all, software developers are, contrary to ill-informed opinion in some quarters, human beings too. That means that they need to get satisfaction out of their work and see that what they do is making a difference.

Yes, they like writing exceptional and innovative code, but there’s only so much love to be had from helping teenagers find new methods of posting selfies on social media.

So remember this, if you’ve got a great product that’s going to have a social impact and change the world for the better then you’re going to have developers beating a path to your doors. Define and refine as necessary.

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