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Top 10 New Technologies for Developers in 2017

Top 10 New Technologies for Developers in 2017

As a digital professional, you are probably familiar with a range of technologies and tools which make your daily tasks easier, but the chances are that you have not yet been exposed to all of the best technologies that are available to you.

Here are ten of the best tools relevant to developer jobs in Newcastle and beyond in 2017:

1. WordPress

What can we tell you about WordPress that you don’t already know? Well, aside from being the world’s largest CMS, WordPress can host web applications, basic blogs, plus websites of all sizes and purposes. The thing that makes WordPress so relevant today is that it is constantly being updated with new features and tricks. It is often well-known tools like these that get overlooked because everyone thinks they already know what they are capable of.

2. Electron

Using this cross-platform development tool, you can create apps with ease, using CSS, JavaScript and HTML, making them compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS.

3. Unity 3D

Like WordPress, Unity has been around for a fair while, but it is continually being brought up to date by its team, and version 5.3.3 was recently released. The software enables you to develop games for the major consoles, Sony and Microsoft, among many others, as well as a range of other platforms using C, C++ or C# programming.

4. Sencha

Similar to Electron, Sencha is a cross-platform tool, but its main appeal is that it is designed for HTML5. The end result is a unified experience across all browsers and mobile apps.

5. Better Portable Graphics

Better Portable Graphics, or BPG, is a digital file format which is set to rival the trusty JPEG file.

6. Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy makes deployment simple, allowing for reliable automation of services and applications. The tool is incredibly useful to those working within companies where applications are being rolled out regularly across the organisation.

7. Visual Studio Tools for Unity

A set of new Visual Studio Tools for Unity is opening up opportunities to integrate VS with a 3D engine. Unity is a great tool in itself for developers, but with these additional tools, it really is something to keep close to your chest.

8. Microsoft Xamarin

You may already be familiar with Xamarin, but did you know that Microsoft has now acquired the company and confirmed a range of new and exciting developments? This includes integration with Azure, Visual Studio, and other platforms, under its ownership.

9. Responsive Design

Once again, responsive design isn’t exactly a new concept, but it is how the idea has evolved with the times that is interesting to the digital and tech industry. Any developers presently working on projects will need to approach responsive design with more care and attention than ever before, since screens now come in all shapes and sizes. This includes, but is not limited to, tablets, mobile phones, interactive vehicle displays and, not forgetting the latest trend, smartwatches.

10. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has come along in leaps and bounds in the last year or so, with more and more games being released for use with VR headsets. This tool provides a unique opportunity for developers to create new and original experiences for customers. Though VR is still at this time quite rare in general households, the development of Microsoft and Sony VR devices and the arrival of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive indicate that Virtual Reality is soon to become very real for many people.

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