Top 4 Tips for Developers to Increase their Pay in Newcastle

Top 4 Tips for Developers to Increase their Pay in Newcastle

Top 4 Tips for Developers to Increase their Pay in Newcastle

As a developer in the tech industry, are you stuck for ways to improve your income? You may have been working as a software developer, with great success, for several months or years and wondering what more you can do at this stage to move up the pay scale. Do not despair, as there are ways to ensure that your manager realises your full potential and the value you bring to the team. Unfortunately, not all managers are on top of compensating their staff when they should and need a little bit of prompting before they spring into action. Here are a few tips to help you along the way to receiving the financial rewards you deserve.

1. Show them your worth

The key to making your boss realise how much he or she needs you in their workforce is to make yourself invaluable to them and the wider team. This means showing them what you do, what additional skills you might be able to offer the team in the future and how consistently well you perform at your job. You might even want to prepare a few examples or show them a portfolio of your past achievements, such as software, games or applications that you have personally worked on, during your time at the company.

It is just as important to show your boss what they can expect from you in the future, as well as your input to the business now. Be sure to keep the visions for your future connected to your personal development, whilst proving that this would fit in well with the company’s overall development within the tech industry. For example, research technical courses or training that will allow you to develop relevantly and key skills for the digital sector.

2. Be realistic in your goals

what are your goals?
There is no point approaching your manager and asking for a rise that is way out of reach, as this could make you look foolish and leave you feeling too embarrassed to ever ask again. Not only that, but it could make you appear cocky and put your boss off giving you a just reward. Equally, it is worth looking into how the company is doing financially and find an opportune time to make your request – don’t ask when you know your company is making cuts or reshuffling teams. Research your value in the current climate, based on your performance, and keep a precise range in your head to allow you a little room to compromise.

3. Encourage others to back you up

You may think that you are due a pay rise, but what do your colleagues, those who work on the ground alongside you, think? By gaining the support of your team and encouraging them to stand by your side, you will add more weight to your argument. With numerous people working on the same software projects, you are sure to have had an impact on some of your colleagues.

4. Be confident

If you are sure of your achievements and your worth, there’s no reason why you should not approach the subject of pay rises with absolute confidence. Even if your boss is unable to oblige, you should hold your head high and not let it dampen your spirits in the workplace. Take reassurance from your meeting that your boss now knows you are motivated to progress professionally and has at least had cause to think about your position within the business in a little more depth.

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