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Top 5 common mistakes Developers make

Top 5 common mistakes Developers make

Mistakes in the development process can blow out deadlines, increase costs, and demotivate the whole development team. Being an expert in relevant programming languages can help, but it’s not the only requirement to deliver successful projects. Effective management, and even planning, will be just as important for achieving the targets of any IT project in the North East.

Failing to Optimise the User Experience

UX is one of the most important things in development, and without an effective experience designer on the team, it won’t matter how good the code is behind an application or web interface. Navigation should be intuitive so that users can gain real value from any piece of software.

Not Understanding Requirements before Prototyping

Determining the purpose and requirements of any software development project will influence the type of code that will be used, and will allow for efficient prototyping that leads to a more refined and effective end product. PHP for web development, JAVA for robust customizable apps, or C when hardware control is a necessity. Developers that fail to use the right code for the requirements will run into problems with efficiency and suitability.

Rushing Projects to Meet Time Constraints

Creating value is not just about churning out software in the shortest possible time frame. Whether it’s PHP scripting for a web interface, or Ruby development for robust cross platform support, if a project requires extension to deliver the best results, then this is something that developers need to accept. Rushed work will lead to unsuitable software, or unclean code that hiders debugging, collaboration, or future expansion.

Chasing Perfection

PHP developers, front end developers, hardware programmers, and IT professionals from almost every market segment in the North East are at risk of placing too much emphasis on perfection during the prototyping stage. Innovation and problem solving are both essential during the early stages of a project. Code can be cleaned and functionality can be added at a later date. Building a solid and innovative foundation will provide motivation and traction, both of which are necessary to move a project forward.

Creating Dead End Software

Languages like C#, JAVA, C++, PHP, etc. are all flexibly by nature. However, it is still possible to create code that is inflexible. The requirements of a project are based on an immediate need, but that does not mean that software should not be flexible for expansion in the future. If a software product or web application is not scalable, then this reduces the amount of value that can be gained from the initial investment. It can also stifle the growth of any company that uses the software.

If you’re a PHP developer in the North East, you will be faced with stiff competition and demanding clients coming from various industries. Protect your reputation and your future prospects by avoiding the common mistakes that developers make.

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