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We are In a Candidate’s Market, Will Your Company Survive It?

We are In a Candidate’s Market, Will Your Company Survive It?

The way recruiters handle positions in the technology sector, like a developer, have evolved here in the North East. There was once a time that you could just toss up a job posting and call it good. The candidates are no longer jumping on just any position that is out there. Part of the reason is the job market has changed. More technical jobs are available and people are getting placed in positions that they are qualified for easily, and often with multiple offers. So how does a person manage to work past this?

Make Sure You Engage All of Your Potential Candidates

There are studies that state 69% of those who have a software developer position would change their job with the right position opening up. That is quite a few people and that means if you have the right job in the North East, you can bring in some incredible talent. All you need to do is begin working on a pitch that will entice them and encourage them to make the change. Once they are on your staff, you can explore new ways to help keep them in their position.

Improve Your Employer Brand Now

What does your employer brand say about your company? A few years ago, we didn’t fret over what this buzz word meant for us. But as software developer positions become plentiful and we have to compete with other companies, we need to ensure that our brand is one that we take pride in. The harder our brand sells us, the more likely it will be that we can score the best candidates for our open positions.  That is why you need to make sure things like corporate sponsorship, benefits and other perks of the company are well known.

Don’t Drag Out the Hiring Process


You’ve likely heard this hundreds of times already. The truth is that many companies still don’t understand that this is critically important. There is no developer who will sit around and wait a month or more to hear back from you. The moment you decide that this is the right person for the position, begin recruiting them. Even if you have to create a temporary position to work them into your company, make it happen. That way, you don’t lose a top tier talent who can take your business to the next level. While it might not seem like a big deal in the moment, you’ll find that it can take months to find someone who is half as qualified as the developer who got away. In some cases, you may even discover that the talent is irreplaceable.

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