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What Developer’s Look for in a New Role

What Developer’s Look for in a New Role

Ronald James understands that in the North East digital employment sector, developers don’t want to switch their position for just one new motive. If you are leaving one company for another to do the exact same role, there is no growth and this defeats the purpose of even making a change.

One thing these developers will look for when they change a position in the North East digital sector, is to find something that allows them to make an impact. If they feel like their current position doesn’t give back, or doesn’t make a difference, they will seek out other ventures. In fact, as Ronald James discovered, most people didn’t even include compensation as a reason for their desire to move from a company, as much as they listed the desire to make an impact.

The quality of the colleagues these professionals have access to is equally important. When you are working for a company, you want others who are considered the best in their field. This allows you to accomplish more and to worry less about errors, since great talent will often be proactive on reviewing their own work and ensuring it is pristine before they pass their coding over to you. While some mistakes may still slip through the cracks, you’ll see a noticeable difference between these professionals and those who simply do not care.

Another reason to make a change, is the ability to have a better work life balance. While they might love the work that the North East digital companies offer, potential candidates don’t want to live at work. If there is a special event in the life of their family, they want to be able to escape. They want the chance to balance the pair, so they don’t have to give up their family, in order to bring home a pay check. In fact, as Ronald James has discovered, more developers will put a preference over a company that offers this balance, rather than one that offers higher compensation. This is something a business should keep in mind when they want to entice top tier talent to their organization.

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Company culture also plays an important role in the process. This doesn’t mean a group of people who sit down for drinks after work and talk about topics that interest them. Instead, they want to have an environment where people get along and they are valued. You want to have the ability to connect with others in a business and to ensure that you will fit in. They want work that offers meaning and for people to respect them and what they bring to the table.

When you can offer these essential items to a developer, there is a better chance of you enticing them to work for your firm. If you are ready to hire a new professional, contact Ronald James today so that you can begin the process of hiring the best individual for your company and ensure that the hiring process is as smooth as possible.

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