What Developers Really Hate About Job Hunting? Ronald James

What Developers Really Hate About Job Hunting?

What Developers Really Hate About Job Hunting?

We may be recruitment specialists, but even we aren’t going to pretend that searching for a job is an enjoyable process. The chances are that you, as a developer, probably find it even less so than most people; or at least that’s what the team at StackOverflow discovered in a recent survey studying the interview and recruitment process.

The best of the worst

The eight things that, according to the survey, the average developer finds the most annoying about job hunting are:

8: “Interesting companies don’t bother replying to me.” Companies will routinely plead that they simply don’t have the time to respond to the significant number of applications they receive. When those applications were submitted electronically and included email addresses, surely a straightforward and polite email wouldn’t be too much to ask? You seem to agree.

7: At number seven it’s “finding time to do a job search.” When you’re feeling overworked and underpaid at the end of a long day in front of a screen, sitting in front of another screen at home looking for a new job is probably the last way in which you want to spend your evening.

Job Hunting

6. “Finding an open position matching my qualifications,” came in at number six. Many companies are beginning to realise that they need to be more realistic in the requirements they include when they advertise for roles. Ninjas are not, after all, real. Having said that, it does save everyone time if you make sure you’re qualified for a job before applying.

5. “Taking time off work to interview.” It’s never fun, but everyone knows that it has to happen, and we’ve all been there.

4. “Searching for an exciting job.” Almost 14% of developers who responded to the survey said that this was a problem for them. With the developer job market in Newcastle and the North-East being so strong right now, it’s in recruiter’s interests to show off what their company has to offer.

3. “Writing covering letters,” made it in at number three. If you’re one of the many who loathe writing these dreaded documents, you’ll be glad to know that more and more companies are doing away with them altogether.

2. “Writing my CV and keeping it up to date.” We feel your pain. You’re a developer, and you’d much rather be, well, developing! The best recruiters are beginning to realise that the best way to recruit a developer is to look at what they can do: their GitHub profile, online portfolio or open source projects. So hopefully, in the not too distant future, we’ll all be able to ditch that horrid word document CV altogether.

Job Hunting

1. Right, number one, the big one. No surprises that it’s “The Interview Process”. You were very clear in the StackOverflow survey about what you like and what you don’t in interviews. You want to see them structured, with an agenda and tasks which are communicated in advance. And you want to stay away from personality tests. We can only hope the hiring firms are listening.

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