What is the Best Paying Development Language for a Developer in the Northeast?

What is the Best Paying Development Language for a Developer in the Northeast?

What is the Best Paying Development Language for a Developer in the Northeast?

A major portion of tech job listings are the web development languages that are required for the position. While a developer might just browse the listings and see what languages are required, an employer who wants to draw in the best candidate needs to know what to look for. Too often, we look at someone who simply understands the language we are coding in.

Things like proficiency in software is just as critical as understanding development languages. After all, this will provide you with additional benefits. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that you will encounter a situation where some salaries will command a higher salary than others. It is important that you take that into account, what your options are, and avoid a potentially unstable system in the process.

Development Language

Technology changes all the time and is evolving. You won’t want to have an outdated system, especially when you have access to an incredible developer pool here in the North East. That means you need to look at the skills and decide who can excel and who is someone that might not be the right match for the position. This does require a lot of balance and thinking the process through.

What are the Top Paying Languages in Europe?

There are 11 top paying languages that a developer may have experience in that could benefit you. It is important to consider the impact that each can have on your business and decide which ones are right for you.

  1. Ruby- £67,589
  2. C#- £41,019
  3. Node.js- £40,505
  4. Objective-C- £40,137
  5. C++- £39,660
  6. Python- £38,430
  7. SQL- £38,120
  8. JavaScript- £37,905
  9. C- £37,791
  10. Java- £36,523
  11. PHP- £31,500

Those seeking employment should note that these amounts can vary from one business to the next. At the same time, employers need to understand the developer position and what they are expecting for the money and ensure that the compensation is acceptable. That way, there are no surprises that will come up when you are hiring the best in the North East.

Above all, remember that multiple coding languages are the key to the future. Don’t get into a situation where an entire team only knows one language and cannot transition to another one. That can cause problems for you along the way. After all, an outdated system has the potential for attacks.

Competition to entice the best candidates is tougher than ever before. Make sure you are flexible and can drive people to apply for your company by being receptive to more than just one language. That way, you will always have the chance to choose from the best.

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