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What makes a good UX designer?

What makes a good UX designer?

What Makes a Good UX Designer? Heres our top 5 tips

User experience in software design has become one of the most important aspects of development. In recent history, even if we look back to the early days of the World Wide Web, eye catching designs were often favoured over user friendliness. This trend has now completely reversed, and today companies in the North East seek top UX designers to ensure that their software and web sites have increased usability and accessibility.

Want to improve the user experience for your own clients? It’s easy to get started with these five simple, but highly effective UX tips that will make you a better designer.

Great UX Designers in the North East Need Varied skill sets

As a UX designer, you will take on a number of roles. Part researcher, designer, developer… and more. Effective UX design requires research. Competitive analysis is essential, and depending on the project, you may even need to conduct testing and surveys to gauge the effectiveness of any particular design approach. Technical understanding is required to determine the limits of what is possible within the context of any webpage or software application. In short, you will need to develop skills in a number of areas, which is why creative types with programming knowledge are some of the most successful UX designers.

Know How to Seek, Accept, and Understand Feedback

A UX project in the North East will begin with a set of requirements and goals given to you by a client. From there, you will need to create the roadmap for developing a user interface. At different stages of conceptualisation and development, you will need to seek feedback from your clients and test users. You need to know the right questions to ask, and the most important elements of the interface that you should focus on. A good designer will also be receptive to feedback and know how to implement changes in a way that creates value for the test group, and in turn, the intended end users.

Be a Great Salesperson

You could be one of the best UX designers in the North East, but achieving buy-in for your concepts will not always be easy. A great designer will know how to sell a concept, addressing the needs and concerns of all key stakeholders. Some stakeholders will have conflicting views about how a project should be approached, but remember, you’re the professional, and you need to have the confidence to sell your vision.

Be Adaptable

Design philosophies change over time. They have to. Think about the different ways that users access software, compared to just a decade ago. As a good designer, you won’t get attached to your designs, and you won’t be afraid of completely changing your approach to meet the needs of different clients and even different platforms. This includes planning for small screens, for touch, and even for smart devices and IoT terminal devices.

Have Empathy for Your Users

If you don’t understand your users, you won’t be able to create a great user experience. You need to be able to empathise with your users, understand their needs, and create solutions that are tailored for their concerns. This goes right back to your initial research, and it often helps to develop small focus groups during the initial stages of design planning.

From interaction design, to usability and accessibility, these five simple tips can help you throughout all stages of the UX design process.

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