What Makes a Senior Developer 'senior'. Click here to read more

What Makes a Senior Developer ‘senior’?

What Makes a Senior Developer ‘senior’?

Digital positions have a place in every type of business and, as you know, their role is very important. Most companies are likely to employ a Senior Developer as part of their digital team, but what makes the position superior to a Developer one?

What Makes a Senior Developer ‘senior’?
A Senior Developer is not necessarily an older recruit, though attaining this level does require a certain amount of time and experience in the field. Some Senior Developers are, in fact, much younger than their peers and those who they are tasked with managing. It may be reassuring to know that what takes a Developer to the next level is indeed experience and an advanced set of skills, but also their ability to manage projects and teams. So if you feel that you fit this description, it might be time to consider moving up the scale.

Senior Developer
Who makes a good Senior Developer?
As previously mentioned, age should never be a factor in determining the suitability of a person to tackle a senior role, and any company who thinks otherwise is probably best avoided. We see many successful senior developers within the sector in their early to mid-twenties. First and foremost, the individual should perform in the way that a senior member of staff is expected to. This means displaying professionalism and demonstrating expertise, all the while being a source of motivation for those around them.

Most companies will understandably look for someone with at least 5-10 years’ worth of experience, but the quality of their past work should also be taken into consideration when recruiting for a Senior Developer role. As such, if you can demonstrate a wealth of relevant experience, you may succeed in standing out from your competitors.

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How to represent yourself
As we’ve already touched upon, leadership is a key quality for anyone working in a senior position, so employers will most likely be on the lookout for someone who can guide people, delegate work fairly and effectively and ensure the completion of tasks to their deadlines. Companies know not to employ an individual who does not fit in with the rest of the workplace, as it could cause issues down the line, so be yourself and don’t be afraid to let your personality show. An interviewer will want to feel confident that the candidate they are meeting can act as a mentor to junior staff and has the company’s ethics at their core. It, therefore, goes without saying that you should research the company before making contact.

They will also be trying to determine if you would be able to provide insights to their managers as well as non-technical staff, communicating information with ease and clarity. Therefore showcasing interpersonal skills can benefit you. So, unless the interview is very technically-loaded, try to steer clear from overloading the panel with your knowledge. They should be able to gauge your level of expertise by looking at your CV, qualifications and experience and might appreciate learning more about you as a person during the interview stages.

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