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What to Look for When Hiring IT Support

What to Look for When Hiring IT Support

There are a few key characteristics that are essential when you are hiring IT support in the North East. These characteristics will ensure that the professional will succeed in the role and help you to take things to the next level. Ronald James seeks out the following traits in every IT support professional that is recommended.

The first is problem solving skills. There will always be something that comes up, and you want someone who can solve the problem. This means going through a series of items until they find a solution. If the  obvious solution doesn’t work, what else can they do? This type of problem solving is what helps companies to get back up and running.

A person’s experience is also important. A North East company will want to have someone who has had the real world experience dealing with issues. While training can accomplish so much, there is nothing quite like having someone with experience handling a problem with ease.

The desire to improve is another trait that a business in the North East should consider. This desire to improve oneself shows initiative, and will help to drive a person to success. These individuals are also the ones that you can count on the most when you run into new problems, as they will likely have done their research on items before they ever become a major issue. This also ties into commitment and devotion. After all, if they are devoted to your company and have the commitment to succeed, your team will continue to shine.

A positive attitude is also very important in business. Negativity drives down departments and leads to a hostile work environment. You’ll want someone who is friendly and exceptional with communication. After all, the IT department will work with people from all departments within the company and you want your support personnel to be a positive reflection of who you are.


Another thing that Ronald James finds is important, is the availability of the individual. Not all IT support professionals have the ability to be free 24/7 for you. You need to understand what their limitations are on a schedule and make sure that you are able to accommodate it. In additional to time restrictions there are also location restrictions. If you need someone who can rush on over to the office in under an hour, you need to take into consideration where they live in comparison to where the office is.

What you will find is that when you focus on these key characteristics, you will end up with a professional that helps your department to shine. Take a moment to begin making a list of the requirements you have for these professionals, or contact Ronald James to help you to find the perfect IT support professional to help you to fill your open position.

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