3 Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a C# Developer

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a C# Developer

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a C# Developer

Despite its similarities with Java, C# is perhaps now the most popular programming language in the tech industry. For around the last 15 years, this digital language has continued to grow, not only in the North East but across the country and beyond. For this reason, we at Ronald James understand the importance of finding developers who are proficient in the language, but who also have the ability and expertise to clean up existing coding to ensure that it’s up to the required standards.

Skills and experience of a C# Developer
When you begin your search for a professional C# developer, you should bear in mind that there’s no typical C# developer, and no uniform traits for you to look out for. In general, most companies seeking developers are looking for professionals who closely fit a mold that’s unique to their own company and needs. However, developers and their daily performances have likely differed from what these companies expect of them, because, as we said, there’s no precise C# developer profile. As such, try not to be too particular about your desired candidate profile, and certainly allow for individuals who break the mold – they could well be just what your company needs. It’s important, of course, to make sure your prospective employee is able to do the bulk of the job you’re advertising, yet your search shouldn’t be conducted with tight limitations in place.

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a C# Developer
How to approach hiring a C# developer
During the interview process, we’d recommend following up any face to face or telephone interviews with a practical assessment, to be sure that the candidate can demonstrate the practical skills that you need them to have for the role. You may wish to create a test that allows them to showcase their coding ability and incorporates a range of key technical questions. Discovering if a developer can explain the reason behind using C# programming could be just as important as seeing if they understand the language itself. For those recruiters who still aren’t convinced if C# is the way forward, Microsoft explains why this programming language is set to last.

When meeting with potential developers, don’t leave it entirely up to the IT department to pick and hire the candidate. Be sure to involve colleagues who are somewhat detached from the team and well placed to judge a person’s character (someone in the Human Resources team, for example). They can impartially advise whether your first choice seems a good fit for the company and will get on well with colleagues. You may also like to invite the current job holder to sit in on interviews. After all, it’s those shoes you are trying to fill and who can ask more relevant questions than the person who is at present fulfilling the role?

How to beat your competitors to the best talent
If you’re keen to get the best C# developer into your vacant position, then you must be prepared to beat your competitors to secure the best talent. Though many candidates want to stay and work in the North East, some of the best coders and developers are often snapped up by big, well-known brands, and in turn, move out of the region and to the capital. By using recruitment agencies in Newcastle like Ronald James, who specialise in the digital sector, you can be one step ahead of these other corporations and be more likely to seal a deal with the best candidate. With the strongest professionals in your team, you can take your business to the next level and make your company an even bigger rival to the national corporations that you’re currently up against.

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