Why Developers are like Formula 1 Drivers? Click here now

Why Developers are like Formula 1 Drivers?

Why Developers are like Formula 1 Drivers?

Your developers are like your Formula One drivers. They are the superheroes of your company; designing and developing, hopefully, world-class software. However without a great team behind them all of their efforts will be for naught. Your developers need to be kept supplied with power, the latest state-of-the-art kit, development environments, chairs, heat, light, space to work and, of course, coffee. Keeping developers happy can be, as anyone who has ever run a software company will know, a challenge.

Just as crucially, your development team need testers, to spot the bugs they’ve missed; marketing teams, to make sure that people know about the great software they’ve built; and sales teams, so that those same people will actually buy it.

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They need a technical support and customer services team to help out customers (because we all know that customers don’t read the instructions) and to feed back to the developers as to where the problems occur so that they can be ‘tweaked’ in future releases. And they need a management team to draw all of this together and somehow make it all work. Not to mention finance, HR, legal… and all of the other elements of a company that just make it work.

Look at any medium to large software company and only about 20% of its staff will be developers. The company couldn’t work without them, yes it wouldn’t be successful without the other 80%, however the contribution that Developers bring is huge to any winning business .

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