Why hiring potential over skills is better for your business

Why hiring potential over skills is better for your business

Why hiring potential over skills is better for your business

Ronald James understands how difficult it is to hire in the North East. But while major companies are hiring people with a decade of experience or more, what if you found someone who could take your business in a new direction? This is someone who has the potential to be great, while delivering something fresh, without being stuck in methodology they have been using for decades.

Yes, it is important that they have the core skillset that is needed for them to succeed. But if they have those minimum requirements, look at where they stand and understand that in a volatile environment, North East workers who have the potential to rise to the challenge will remain some of the best candidates for your office.

Ronald James has a few suggestions on how to hire the individual that has the most potential.

Determine if the right things are motivating them. It should come as no surprise that motivation is the biggest driver in the world. If you have someone who is motivated and is excited about the position, you’ll find that they will go further than those who are just trying to fill a role.

Another sign of true potential is there being genuine curiosity. You’ll notice that an environment where there is a high dynamic and that evolves, is better for someone who is curious and wants to see the growth and advancement of the business. This professional will look at new industry standards, and be driven to pursue an advanced education. This will ultimately pay off for the North East company, as you have someone who will keep up with the latest trends.

Insight is something that simply cannot be taught. You either have the potential to analyze a situation and provide a realistic outlook, or they will wing it. When insight is available, you can begin to explore problems before they happen and proactively address them in advance, so that processes are seamless. In a business setting, you’ll find that this is perhaps one of the smartest things you can do.

Ronald James will also point out that when you hire someone, they should be able to connect with others. The problem is that too often people are hired that do not have the ability to communicate in a situation and this leads to walls and barriers that go up and the lack of a team environment. This ultimately sets everyone up for failure.

Think about the determination of the individual also. Those who are determined to succeed will. High profile employees should be people who are driven to success and will do whatever it takes to move your business forward. When you hire on the potential of a person, this is one item that you cannot overlook.

As you can see, there is something to be said about hiring someone based on their potential. Keep these important items in mind and do what you can to take your business to the next level, by filling it with the best candidates possible.

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